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Dog threat prompts postal service to suspend delivery

N. Roosevelt residents will need boxes for mail to resume

Staff writer

The ongoing battle between the U.S. Postal Service and Marion residents in the first three blocks of N. Roosevelt St. has ended.

Regular delivery to residents without a curbside mailbox has been suspended, forcing them to go to the post office to receive their mail.

Residents received notice from the post office back in January that curbside boxes must be installed by Feb. 18 to avoid service interruption.

Carriers reportedly felt threatened by a dog along the route, however, police were never contacted and delivery proceeded as normal, even after the deadline given.

Those with house boxes continued receiving mail, often with carriers arriving by vehicle to deliver instead of door-to-door.

That changed last week with the carrier driving right past homes that lacked a curbside box.

“I knew that must be the case for why I hadn’t gotten any mail since Monday,” said a resident who wanted his or her name withheld. “I went to the post office to see if they had my mail and found out that it was.

“It’s funny they kept delivering like normal after the date they said, then suddenly just quit doing it all together. I’m not happy about it, but there’s nothing else we can really do.”

Another resident speculated the same thing when a message from a merchant stated a package to be delivered March 27 was being withheld at the customer’s request.

“I don’t know where that came from, I never requested the post office hold on to it,” they said. “When I get a tracking e-mail saying what I ordered is supposed to be here by such and such a date, I expect to get it.”

Residents expressed frustration the demand was caused reportedly over just one dog.


Some reasons included jobs making it difficult to pick up their mail at the post office, the expense of purchasing and installing a curbside box, and inclement weather making it hazardous for the elderly.

Residents also said they were fearful of mail tampering if they forget to have it held if they are going to be gone for an extended period.

Outside installing a curbside box, no other solution that does not require a trip to the post office is in sight.

If residents’ fail to act quickly by installing a box, the postal service said they will eventually begin returning unclaimed mail.

Last modified April 3, 2019