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Double losses, double overtime at Marion

Staff writer

After losing a double-overtime junior varsity game 61-56 Friday at Marion Sports and Aquatics Center, Marion lost both its varsity games against Sterling.

Seats were packed by the allure of a soup supper run by Marion High School Parents Advisory Council. The event was designed to help pay for Marion High School’s after-prom party.

Also attracting spectators was Marion Mini Cheer Clinic’s performance at halftime of the boys’ game. More than 100 Marion Elementary School students danced to “Better When I’m Dancin’.”


After junior varsity’s tie was broken, Marion girls took their shot against Sterling and lost 75-38.

They played rough. Players on both teams hit the court hard enough to threaten injury throughout the first half. One Sterling player paused for a minute and repeatedly tapped her face to check for a bloody nose before taking a shot after a Marion foul.

Marion tried the same plays repeatedly with little success. Much of the Warrior’s scoring was from spur-of-the-moment decisions by individual players as opposed to organized strategies.

The girls’ signals seemed to be easily read by Sterling yet cryptic for teammates. Hesitance was evident before anyone passed the ball on offense.

Jayden May, one of Marion’s 5-foot-8 players, had the most luck against Sterling’s mostly 5-foot-7 and taller team, scoring 12 points.

Rebounds also were smooth on Marion’s part.

Sterling had taken over by the second half. While Marion rallied in the last two minutes with a few more two-pointers, the Warriors ultimately were routed.

The girls’ next game will be 6 p.m. Friday at Inman.


Elementary school students infested seats between games, impatient to show what they’d learned over the past few days at Marion Mini Cheer Clinic. Their energy seemed to rally Marion’s boys but did not result in a victory as the Warriors lost, 62-23.

Marion was maneuverable on the court. Most players could weasel out of blocks by Sterling, but their offense wasn’t quite strong enough to make up for a lackluster defense.

They also were at a height disadvantage on rebounding; and not many attempts were made to stop second shots from Sterling.

The teams seemed equal in the first quarter, but Sterling pulled ahead by halftime with more athletic play. The Blackbears played fast and their defense didn’t allow much.

Marion’s next game — their second-to-last of the season — will be Feb. 15 against Hutchinson Trinity at home.

Last modified Feb. 10, 2022