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Drumming adds vigor to physical ed routine

Staff writer

Give children drumsticks, yoga balls, and high-energy music, and what do you get?

A bunch of elementary school students who are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning and developing skills such as stability, locomotion, coordination, and spatial awareness.

That is how physical education instructor Kelly Steiner described the Drum Fit program Centre Elementary School students used for several weeks.

“It’s a fast-paced program that combines music, dance, rhythm, and cross-curricular learning,” Steiner said.

Physical exercise is combined with mental exercise to stimulate students and help them stay engaged in school.

Rolling or balancing on a ball, hitting a ball with sticks while standing in place, or moving from one ball to another as a group were some of the many routines.

Some activities involved small groups and promoted teamwork and cooperation, like making a snowman using balls and stands.

“It was a good cardio workout, and the best part was that the kids were having fun while doing it,” Steiner said. “I like that it is really inclusive and all kids are able to participate and be active.”

Last modified Nov. 10, 2016