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EMS interim director requests new uniforms

Staff writer

EMS interim director Ed Debesis did not waste any time getting straight to the point with county commissioners at Monday’s meeting.

“Something I’d like to look at and get approved is some shirts, hats, for the crews across the county so we have one name,” Debesis said. “That is something I would like to do.”

Debesis told commissioners he held a meeting with EMS personnel Jan. 16 in order to hear their suggestions and concerns.

“We had a very good meeting,” Debesis said. “They voiced a lot of concerns, and I want to thank Randy [Dallke] for being there.”

Debesis said some voiced concern with the uniform idea at Saturday’s meeting.

“I know there was concern from some staff members about leaving work and putting them on,” Debesis said. “We wouldn’t expect that, but if we were going to sport standbys or events like that, that way we’re looking professional.”

After Debesis made his request, Dallke added that he thought uniforms would be a good idea.

“We need to start thinking of having some unity in our uniforms,” Dallke said. “Being an ambulance driver years ago, we used to have jumpsuits but the jumpsuits are just a thing of the past.”

Dallke said two Lifeteam members wearing their uniforms came to Saturday’s meeting, and he noticed the difference uniformity can make.

“They look nice when they walk in,” Dallke said. “I know our services would look nice with those on.”

All three commissioners agreed uniforms could help make a difference.

“I’m all for it,” Holub said.

Commissioners agreed to let Debesis move forward in receiving bids for uniforms, which will include two shirts.

In other business:

  • Commissioners approved a request for shared leave for a city employee.
  • Representatives from South Central Economic Development District visited with commissioners to discuss various projects across Kansas that they have assisted with, including grants.
  • Commissioners approved a request from Road and Bridge to order road regulatory signs and begin working on certain sections of a pre-made plan.
  • Holub announced that the legislator wants to move a property tax lid from 2018 to this year. Votes would have to approve increase above the cost of living, and Holub voiced his disapproval for the move. “I bet you half of those damn legislators do not understand half of this stuff.” Holub also said that more will be discussed during Friday’s meeting.

Last modified Jan. 28, 2016