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Enrollment higher than expected at Centre schools

Staff writer

Centre Superintendent Brian Smith reported Monday that 240 students are enrolled so far for the 2013-14 school year. The budget approved earlier was prepared based on an enrollment of 230.

Smith said that, together with the unexpected increased enrollment in the Kansas Online Learning Program, the budget might have to be republished. The original budget was based on 150 virtual students, but the equivalent of 170 full-time students now are enrolled.

Official enrollment figures will be finalized Sept. 20.

Smith said of the 181 students enrolled in the virtual program as of Monday, only 40 are high-school age or lower. He said if the program continues to grow, more personnel might need to be employed. Board members expressed continued support for the program.

The board approved a resolution increasing property taxation for capital outlay from four to five mills for the next five years. The maximum allowed by law is eight mills. A hearing will be held prior to the Oct. 14 meeting.

Smith noted acceptance of the new resolution does not mean the five mills would automatically be used but would be available if needed. He cited possible future big-ticket improvement projects such as redoing the parking lot, replacing windows on the west side of the south wing, and improving the athletic field.

IServe custodial manager Richard Idleman reported on damage from an electrical brownout that occurred at the school on Aug. 28 because of a bird flying into a substation that feeds the school. An air conditioning switch and water well motor will be replaced.

Idleman also reported the school used 5,000 fewer kilowatt-hours of electricity in August compared to a year ago. Football field lights have been realigned and lights for the tailgate area have been installed.

IServe is working on placing new banners on the west wall of the main gymnasium to honor student achievements since the school opened in 1958.

Smith reported that the new, large windows on the east side of the south wing are creating problems with glare in the classrooms and the library. He was prepared to submit bids for window treatments for those rooms. He said the cost would be approximately $2,000. Board members hesitated to approve the added expenditure on top of an already expensive project. They took no action but may revisit the issue later.

Steve Jirak was appointed as a voting delegate to the Kansas Association of School Boards Convention. All other members will serve as alternates.

The board approved the attendance of Frederico “Fred” Vannini of Brazil as an exchange student. Phil and Jamie Peterson are his hosts. He is a senior.

After a 40-minute executive session with Smith to discuss nonelected personnel, the board employed the following:

  • Dani Hatfield as a route bus driver upon completion of training and receiving her commercial driver’s license.
  • Leann Pankratz as concession-stand manager at $10 per hour or at a flat rate of $1,200 for the year.
  • Leann Pankratz as bus aide and substitute breakfast room monitor at $9 per hour.
  • Tye Remy as breakfast room monitor and substitute bus aide at $9 per hour.
  • English teacher Jackie Ingram as co-play director with Jennifer Montgomery. They will split the supplemental pay.
  • Tye Remy as co-sponsor with Laura Vinduska of the student council, with split supplemental pay.

The board approved a $180-a-month supplement to transportation director Bob Mueller for Plan 65/Medicaid health insurance in lieu of the $338 supplement he received for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance.

The board met for 10 minutes in executive session with Smith to discuss a student matter. They spent another 65-minute executive session discussing personnel, including Smith for 30 minutes. No actions were taken following the sessions.

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