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Evolution foe announces candidacy

Scott Hill, who as a member of the State Board of Education in 1999 helped draft rules taking evolution out of state school curricula, announced last week his candidacy for state representative.

Hill, a rural Abilene farmer and rancher with a Ph.D. in animal sciences and industry, is seeking a seat now held by John Barker of Abilene. Both are Republicans.

Pending reapportionment, the district encompasses Marion and the northern half of Marion County except the Hillsboro area, Dickinson County except the Herington area, and a portion of Clay County including the town of Longford.

Hill resigned from the state board and moved to Montana shortly after his vote on evolution. He now operates a diversified farming operation in northern Dickinson County.

“Two centuries of freedom can be lost in two years if we allow government agencies to dictate our lives,” he said in a statement announcing his candidacy. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not just the founders’ words but are values to govern by.”

Hill lists himself as opposed to abortion and supportive of rights to keep and bear arms. He also states that establishing efficient and excellent education will be a main issue for him.

Last modified March 10, 2022