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Farmers harvest a shorter corn crop

Staff writer

Farmers had completed most of their corn harvest on Monday and were looking forward to combining soybeans.

Dick Tippin, grain co-coordinator for Cooperative Grain and Supply, said yields have ranged from 60 to 120 bushels per acre. Total bushels were 65 percent of last year’s crop.

The short crop, much of it due to insufficient moisture during the second half of the summer, may have helped the price, which Monday was $2.96 cents per bushel, up from a year ago.

Cooperative Grain’s corn is stored in a bunker at Hillsboro. It eventually will go to Countryside Feed to be processed into livestock feed.

Roger Will, Agri Trails Coop manager at Tampa, said farmers are not talking about yields, but he estimated total volume to be about 75 percent of last year’s crop.

Tampa has a bunker full of corn. Lincolnville has a full bunker from last year and has been piling corn on the ground.

“We’re still sitting on a lot of wheat,” Will said.

He said moisture runs off or drains well through corn, so the grain can be salvaged if it is moved inside by spring.

Corn yields around Peabody and Florence have ranged from 80 to 150 bushels per acre, according to manager Chuck Knight of Mid-Kansas Coop.

Last modified Sept. 27, 2017