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Fireworks, dead deer end Tabor year

Staff writer

Some students celebrated the end of the year at Tabor College by setting off fireworks and attempting to prank classmates with dead deer four days before final move-out.

Hillsboro residents reported loud pops near Tabor, but city officer David Funk said most who live nearby have grown somewhat used to end-of-the year shenanigans on the college’s campus.

“I live by Tabor and it happens often enough that I just hear it and go back to sleep,” he said. “A couple of years ago, the students used to set off Drano bombs — with Drano, tinfoil and two-liter bottles.”

Officers investigated a vehicle parked at the city’s aquatic center and found a deer carcass in the truck bed.

“That was a prank, too, from what I understand,” he said. “I think they got it as road kill and were going to go dump it off at someone’s dorms or something.”

This is not the first time deer carcasses have been dumped on campus as pranks. A dead deer was found near a Tabor residence hall in March.

This time the students who picked up the deer were caught by authorities, he said.

Officers with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks ordered the perpetrators take care of the carcass.

“They were made to dispose of on old, rotting deer. That probably could have been punishment enough, I would think,” Funk said.

The deer probably was placed in a ditch in a wildlife area near Marion reservoir, he surmised.

“I am assuming so that coyotes and other scavengers could finish it off,” he said.

Staff at Tabor College met with Hillsboro police officers later inquiring about the incidents.

“They let us know they were going to have extra staff patrolling to help keep the pranks to a minimum,” he said.

Last modified May 19, 2021