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Five EMTs earn advanced status

Staff writer

Five of six trainees passed a final exam to become advanced emergency medical technicians on Saturday.

The exam was an hours-long hands-on assessment, covering 10 stations. Despite the stress, perhaps none were as nervous as their teacher, EMS director JoAnn Knak.

“It was like waiting for a baby to be born,” she said.

The final step that remains in the AEMT certification process for trainees, who are already certified EMTs, is a written examination, administered at hospitals in Salina and Wichita. Upon certification, the EMTs will be able to administer intravenous treatment, mainline cardiac medications, more advanced pain medications, and provide more detailed patient assessments.

“The care when these folks are on duty will be more advanced,” Knak said. “There will be lucky patients whose treatment will be more extensive now.”

Passing the examination is no small feat. Knak said there is “absolutely” no shame in not passing, and that the pressure and nerves could work against students. She was pleased with the number of students that passed.

“I can’t tell you how proud I was,” Knak said.

An EMT training course will begin Sept. 16.

Last modified Sept. 11, 2014