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Fix for 330th Rd. on horizon

Staff writer

Darin Neufeld of EBH Associates updated commissioners Monday on bidding for the 330th Rd. project. He said there has been a lot of interest in the work among contractors.

After opening bids on Sept. 28, if commissioners choose a slurry base, contractors could start their work in about a week, Neufeld said. It would take two to three weeks for the base, and another two to three for an asphalt overlay. The entire eight-mile stretch could be done in six weeks, he said, minus striping.

If dry mix is chosen, the work would take an extra two to three weeks.

With either option, the road would be shut down, except to residents and emergency vehicles. Approximately six to 10 miles of rock could be laid to provide alternate access to residents during the work.

Shoulder and ditch work would be bid separately and done later.

In other business

  • The county’s six ambulances made 110 runs in August — 12 more than last August — and the four first responders made 11 runs. Of the 110, 12 were canceled calls and 25 were no-transports. Marion’s ambulance made 48 runs, Hillsboro 43, Peabody 10, Tampa seven, Florence two, and the backup made zero.
  • Commissioners discussed the need for a long-term information technology solution. Kent Becker supported creating a job description for an IT director, but Dianne Novak supported continued use of an independent IT contractor. No decisions were made.
  • Rus Ewy of Baughman Company will replace planning and zoning consultant David Yearout, who took a job in Wichita.
  • Commissioners discussed adding a code of conduct for attendees of commission meetings. The discussion was prompted by a statement made prior to the Sept. 11 meeting by Mike Beneke of Lincolnville about Novak’s interactions with county clerk Tina Spencer. Beneke’s statements, including, “If you belittle her one more time, I’m pretty good at getting something done if I want to put my mind to it. You can laugh it off all you want to,” were perceived by some to threaten Novak.

Last modified Sept. 20, 2017