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Florence council revisits trash pickup rates

Staff writer

Florence should raise the price it charges Marion County for emptying dumpsters at Marion County Lake, city superintendent Terry Britton said at Monday’s city council meeting.

“We’re basically losing money on it,” he said.

Florence charges the county $400 each month from April to October to empty the lake’s 18 dumpsters. Florence charges the county $22.50 for pickup of each dumpster from November to March, and picks up six dumpsters during that time.

Councilmen questioned the value of continuing to service the lake because Florence doesn’t gain anything.

“This contract should have been looked at a long time ago,” councilman Ken Hoffman said.

The contract was written to be renewed annually, but had not been changed by councilmen since 2013.

Councilmen decided to raise pickup price to $30 a month for each dumpster, which makes the process easier, councilman Mary Shipman said.

“During the summer that would be $540 a month and if we charge it during the winter, that’s $180 a month,” she said. “I think that’s what we should be putting.”

Even if the price increases, Florence will have to allow the county proper time before it takes effect, councilman Matt Williams said.

“If we actually approve raising it then we need to give them 30 days,” he said. “We’ve been in this issue before. We can’t just demand a pay increase without letting them know.”

Last modified April 9, 2020