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Food truck doubles its wheels

Staff writer

Taco’s Food Truck is about to become plural. Owner Josh Tojchman is building a second truck to keep parked at That One Place on Main St. in Marion while using the original to travel to festivals.

“Every time we book out-of-town places, we have to leave That One Place unoccupied,” Tajchman said. “So we want to have a second food truck to support the community and also travel.”

Taco’s Food Truck has set up in Kansas City, Manhattan, Topeka, and Council Grove before but reduced the area it covers after That One Place was built as a seating area.

“We are getting more picky with where we work and travel to because it’s a lot more work for us to travel to do business,” Tajchman said. “It has to be a really good festival for us to travel more than an hour outside of our radius here in Marion.”

That One Place has a permit for beer but does not have any cooking equipment other than the original truck.

“It gets kind of hard to entice people to come in, sit in our building, and drink beer or soda without any food to pair it with,” Tajchman said.

The new truck will stay at That One Place, allowing the original truck to travel. It is based on plans for the original truck, which also was custom built.

“We’ve worked on our first truck for five years now, so there are a couple slight adjustments I made,” Tajchman said.

Since the truck will be hooked to That One Place’s electricity and won’t be intended to travel, it will not have a generator.

Tajchman also eliminated an air conditioner.

“It doesn’t really do anything,” Tajchman said. “The exhaust fans suck out air when you’re cooking, both hot and cold.”

Tajchman anticipates the new truck will be finished in four weeks. He continues to search for servers and cooks for That One Place. Employees must be 21 or older to serve beer.

Last modified Aug. 18, 2021