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Football players take concussion test

News editor

St. Luke Hospital partnered with Marion High School football team last week to collect baseline data for all players to compare in the event of a concussion.

The tests used a Biodex Balance System that assesses balance. The results were saved, so if a player has a concussion or is suspected of having one, he can be retested to check his balance compared to normal.

The hospital provided the baseline tests, which were conducted by its physical and occupational therapy department, free to the players.

Sean Buchanan, a senior linebacker and offensive lineman, had his baseline test after school Friday. Buchanan suffered a concussion a few years ago in an all-terrain vehicle accident.

“That whole week was ‘glitchy,’” Buchanan said. “I can only remember parts of that entire week.”

Buchanan said he had some nausea but no lingering issues.

The Mayo Clinic says concussions take time and rest to heal, but most are mild, and people usually recover fully. In addition to short-term memory loss and nausea, symptoms can include headache, temporary loss of consciousness, confusion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, slurred speech, fatigue, sensitivity to light and sound, sleep disturbances, depression, and disorders of taste and smell.

Last modified Aug. 21, 2013