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Frederick Hamm descendants reunite

Family descendants of Frederick and Julianne Hamm gathered Sunday for a reunion hosted by the Schattak family at Marion County Lake Hall.

Descendants of Ed Hamm in attendance: Clayton and Wanda Hamm of Marion; Terry Hamm, Alan & Bonnie Hamm, Duane and Shirley Hamm, Candy Tucker and Gary Reno of Hillsboro; Nick, Rebecca and Derek McLaughlin of Lehigh; and Clinton and Maxine Hamm of Newton. 

Eleaner Esau of McPherson was in attendance for Emil Hamm family.

Augusta Hamm Schattak descendants in attendance included Warren and Donna Kreutziger of Marion; Glenn and Margaret Schattak, Wilbert and Jeanie Hellman, and Frances Kreutziger; Willis and Joyce Kreutziger, and Liane and Tracy Cope of Moundridge; Carolyn Townsend Siler of Wichita; and Madolyn Shields of Parsons.

Descendants of  Bill Hamm attending were Arlene Pankratz and Marcella Mohn of Hillsboro; Morganne Hamm and Jim and Myrna Hamm of Tampa; Gaylord and Valera Hamm of Durham; Gordon Mohn of McPherson; and Larry and Bonnie Winter of Silver Lake.

Amanda Hamm Schwemmer family descendants included Eldon Schwemmer and Vickie Schwemmer of El Dorado; Jane and Fred Mosteller and Gib and Wilma Schwemmer of Wichita; Amanda Mosteller of Manhattan; Raymond and Dorothy Schwemmer of Towanda.

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