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Front yard is flush with recycling

Staff writer

Sitting on their own concrete thrones on Billings Street, just off Main Street are what resident Steve Unruh calls, “the epitome of plumbing.”

He has plans for the two pink 1950s toilets.

“I’m going to turn them into fountains,” he said. “It goes along with my favorite quote: good plumbing is the best work of art.”

Unruh had hoped a pink bathtub would join the toilets Friday, but sadly, the owner took it to the dump before Unruh could pick it up. He had hoped it would become his fishpond the owner said.

“I’m not going to put flowers in them,” he said.

He hopes to find a pink vanity and sink to join them and complete the bathroom look.

“They’re so cool, and you just don’t see them anymore,” he said. “I just wanted to do something fun with them. People often just throw them away.”

Last modified July 11, 2013