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Funeral homes have new owner

Staff writer

People may not have noticed, but Zeiner Funeral Home has changed ownership in the past month. The transition to Yazel-Megli-Zeiner has been seamless, with no interruption in service.

Brad Yazel, formerly of El Dorado and now of Marion, is the new owner of the five funeral homes that Ty Zeiner owned in Marion, Hillsboro, Herington, Council Grove, and Whitewater.

Yazel was a managing partner of Carlson and Kirby-Morris Funeral Homes in El Dorado the past seven years. Prior to that, he was in Michigan for more than 20 years.

Yazel said he came to know Zeiner two years ago, and they became close friends.

“Ty’s manner of service and mine lined up seamlessly,” he said. “You have to have a heart and love people.”

When the opportunity came to buy his own funeral home, he was ready.

“I wanted to be a sole proprietor, and Ty still wanted to stay involved,” he said.

After 47 years in the trade, Zeiner said the decision was important for maintaining his health and seeing his family more often.

“You just don’t get away much, and I want to see all my kids,” he said. “It’s tough when they live out of state.”

Zeiner will continue to live at the Marion funeral home and work as he wishes. Yazel is renting a home at Marion County Lake.

Roger Megli is in charge of the funeral home in Hillsboro. His wife, Sandi, works at the Whitewater funeral home. Both are licensed funeral directors. They plan to establish living quarters in the funeral home in Hillsboro, Yazel said.

The Meglis used to run Baker Funeral Home in Peabody and were working for Yazel in El Dorado.

Personnel at Council Grove and Herington will remain the same.

“We’re blessed to have no staff changes,” Yazel said.

Zeiner, Vance Donahue of Herington, and Yazel will serve all five locations as licensed embalmers.

Yazel said he has spent the past few weeks becoming familiar with highways and roads in the area. He is thankful for the smooth transition that has kept him “very” busy.

“It’s a good situation,” he said. “We are continuing the tradition of strong, respectful service.”

Last modified June 20, 2019