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Giant sunflower brings great joy

Staff writer

Heather Calhoun, pharmacy technician at Marion Health Mart Pharmacy, said she never thought she would get so many compliments over a plant.

Calhoun planted giant sunflower seeds in a planter in front of the pharmacy in May.

“People give us lots of complements and take lots of photos,” she said. “The girls up front get the most.”

The seeds came from a leftover packet the pharmacy did not sell. Out of the 20 seeds, only one grew.

“Whitney Christianson who worked at the pharmacy over the summer took care of it, and watered and sprayed it before leaving for college,” she said. “It was her baby.”

Calhoun said they did not think any of the plants would grow.

“Mackey Taylor thought it was a weed and almost pulled it out,” Calhoun said.

Since May the sunflower has grown to over 5 feet tall, with a face so heavy it smiles down at the sidewalk.

The employees at the pharmacy hope when the seeds mature, they will fall into the pot and replant themselves.

“I can’t believe some kid or storm hasn’t knocked it down,” Charles Heerey said as he observed the giant sunflower.

“It is pretty. I hope they grow more,” he said.

Last modified Aug. 28, 2013