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GOESSEL: Fourth grade - Andrea Fish

4th grade

Taught by Andrea Fish

Dear Santa,

I know a lot of people don’t believe in you but I do and i would like a lot of stuff. It might be a little late to write a letter to you. I would like a remote RC car and a new phone so I’m not so bored when I’m stuck at home

Gage Valdois

Dear Santa,

I’m not asking for much this year Maybe some slipper’s and some slime. But one thing that I want A LOT is for Covid-19 to go away! It’s just caused nothing but stress.

I wouldn’t say I’v been an angle or anything I have gotten in trouble way more than once. Oh, and one more thing that I want Some ear buds/headphones. Just I won’t be disappointed if I end up on the naughty list cause like I said

I’ve done some things in 2020. Sending safe travel wishes, hope you and Mrs. Clause have a fun Christmas as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Your friend,

Ruby Sue Shaver

Dear Santa,

I would like some stuff for christmas like camera, I pod, magic tree house books, snow, laptop, slime, kitten, and a unicorn. Thank you Santa have a marry christmas and a happy new years. Oh and and I would also like a baby yoda. LOVE LILLY [: !

Lillyann Mai

Dear Santa,

For Christmas all I want is a new tablet, an inside kitten, and of course supplies for like art and crafts. If I do get a kitten I will need stuff for him or her. If I had to choose one I would choose art, crafts, or a kitten

Sofia Flores

Dear Santa,

I would like a big 10,000 puzzle my mom will not let me have it on her table. I would like a big stuffed penguin for Christmas. I’m would like to know what you and Mrs. Clause do in the summer and do your elves work year round and please please give me a computer.

Sophia Abraahams

Dear Santa,

I would really like a new cat even though I have 8.


Dear Santa,

Hello my name is Weston and I love Christmas. I want a canoe, UV flashlight, and Lego Y-wing or Millenium Falcon.

Weston. Sommerfeld

Dear Santa,

I have been nice to others in school and at home. what i really want for Christmas is a my life doll, gymnastics bar and bean, and a new bike. thanks to my teacher she is the best.


Dear Santa,

for Christmas I would like a skateboard, some LPS, and lastly, some puppy chow. (I love it haha.) Why do you like cookies so much? (I mean I can’t blame you.)

Aubrielle Francis

Dear Santa,

Hi im Bella I want new roller skates, a full size chocolate bar, a kids phone that only lets you have things for kids, and I want lots of candy! I want new slime because i only have one batch of it. Hopefully you see it.

Isabella O’Neill

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa, For Christmas I would like to have Covid-19 go away! But I also want a checkered scooter, an art set, Becoming Brianna book, legos, and Nike shoes! Also PLEASE get my brother new shoes, his old ones are worn and make his feet stink so bad!

Mackenzie Voth

Dear Santa,

I would like art supplies, snow globes, and new shoes please. I love Christmas it makes me feel happy and exited!

Ellarose Gaeddert

Dear Santa,

i may have forgot this on the last letter i sent to you do you no how i said i wanted a Jamanji video game well i was wondering if you could get me a pokemon video game thank you and have a happy christmas

Tanner Unruh

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas are legos, a giant stuffed pig, and a kitten that snuggles with me alot.

Madelyn Eva Olson

Dear Santa,

Did Covid get you are you ok? I hope you are fine because I still want a gift. I would like new work jeans so I can help with the cows on the farm. A new puppy would be great. Also, I want a paint stand so I can be out side and I can do art projects too.

Hoxie Hiebert

Dear Santa,

I want worm cloths and i want a wallet And i want you to have a good Christmas and can i have a ps5 and can you get my sister a barbie dole for Christmas and i want a T. V. maybe and i want the Corona to go away and will you till god i Sade Mary Christmas please and hipy brthday

nooh. Johnson

Dear Santa,

I hope that I have been good this year, I have a elf on the shelf maybe he told you what I have been doing at home I would love some animal LEGO sets, maybe some new p. j. stuff, but hopefully I am good this year.

Ruth Reida

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