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GOESSEL: Kindergarten - Sheri Janzen


Taught by Sheri Janzen

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas Santa! I would like a unicorn, a Barbie doll, and a Gingerbread girl. I live in a blue house with a good dog named Bella. Do you like snow? I love you!


Dear Santa,

Santa are you good to your elves? I’m five years old and I love you movie Christmas Chronicles. I want a Halo Reach Lego video game, a crocodile stuffy and a Rudolph stuffy. I will leave you cookies and milk.


Dear Santa,

Santa, I love you! I am five years old. How old are you? For Christmas I would like gloves for working outside with daddy, a bracelet and new paper to write on.


Dear Santa,

I am five years old and I have five people in my family. I would like a tea set, walkie talkies, a microphone and a toy phone. What kind of clothes does Mrs. Clause wear?


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a Nerf Gun, a toy car with remote controls and a new game. I am five years old and I have 6 people in my family. Do all your reindeer have antlers?


Dear Santa,

I am 5 years old and I like you. I want to give you cookies and milk. For Christmas I want a stuffed reindeer, new pencils, a new hat and scarf. What is your favorite color? Mine is pink.


Dear Santa,

Have you seen the movie Frozen 2? I would like a medium sized water nook horse that I can ride in the house. I would also like a guitar. Merry Christmas Santa!


Dear Santa,

I am 6 years old and my favorite color is blue. Do your reindeer wear bells when they fly? For Christmas I would like a camper with a boat and a car, and I also want a new closet.


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas Santa! I have seven people in my family. For Christmas I want a wishing cabinet, a phone and a teddy bear. What do you like to do with the elves when you are not working?


Dear Santa,

How many people are in your family? I have four people in my family and I am 6 years old. For Christmas I want a Barbie, new pajamas, a BINGO game, new shoes and books and a walkie talkie.


Dear Santa,

Santa, I like when you bring us presents. I would like a monster truck and magic sand for building. I will leave milk and chocolate chip cookies for you. What do your reindeer like to eat?


Dear Santa,

I love you. I want water skates, a toy rocket, an airplane and a Sonic video game for my game system. How many elves do you a — a million? I like that you bring presents.


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