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GOESSEL: Third grade - Aryana Archuleta

3rd grade

Taught by
Aryana Archuleta

Dear Santa,

can you make my dad live a nuthr 2 years


Dear Santa,

i want my mom and dad to get back to gether.


Dear Santa,

I want a elf on a self and clothes, slime, barbe masks and cookes.


Dear Santa,

i want a trumpy bear, adventures tower lego set, transam, hot wheels, santa lego set, lego batcave


Dear Santa,

I want a lot of candy. I also want LEGO’s. And I want books, such as dogman Grime and punishment, and Cat kid comic club. And a huverbord.

Ezra James Dick

Dear Santa,

i want slime, legos, a bike helmet, nerfgun.


Dear Santa,

I want a nintendo switch, lol doll house, big sister lol series 3, electric scooter, hover bord. can i please have a purple elf on a shalf.

grace Meier

Dear Santa,

l what for chrismas a art set and a winter cot and winter socks and a chrismas toys like a hummen chrisamas chair and a toy sonw felk.

alaina moore

Dear Santa,

i want a electric scooter. i want a phone 6. i want a note book. i want new makers i want my own kitten


Dear Santa,

How are the elves? Are you ready for christmas eve? I’ve been helping my dad this year. I want a lego set, and a speaker. are the raindeer set for christmas eve this year?

Peter. G

Dear Santa,

anthing that includes hunting. and a fishing set.

ezra. Duerksen

Dear Santa,

i wish you are having a merry christmas and say hi to Donner for me.

keegan cole

Dear Santa,

I don’t want a lot for christmas but I do want sweat pants. I also want craft stuff. That`s basically what I want. I also want covid to be over. And I waant some sort of chair that can go in my room. I do want a pet but I can`t get one because my sister is allergic to cats and dogs.


Dear Santa,

l already wrote you a letter but I thought of somthing els I want fairies. How are you? Can you get me a puppy for Christmas. I like candy too.

Daytona hoopes

Dear Santa,

I want alot of things. some things i want are lot of stuffed animals, a fort thing and alot other stuff but i cant think of them all now. some time i would like to meet your elf’s and your reindeer. thank you for all that you given me.

mia. Hiebert

Dear Santa,

I would like an American Girl Bitty Baby. I would also like some more Washy Tape. I want more snow because we don’t get a lot in Ks.

Hannah Adrian

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