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GoFundMe popular, quick way to raise funds for causes

Requests for help span everything from medical bills to college cash

Staff writer

A survey of the gofundme website reveals that quite a few people in Marion County use the site to raise money.

The stories and requests engender various emotions, from sympathy, to pity, to laughs. Some are successful and others not so much.

Fundraisers for people with serious medical issues or whose homes were destroyed by fire seem to generate big responses.

The Eric Bartel family of Hillsboro has received donations of $14,984 since Eric suffered spine injuries in a vehicle accident last spring.

Josh and Gwen Hoy of Cedar Point lost their home to fire right before Thanksgiving, and more than $10,000 was raised for them before Dec. 12, after which the fund was closed.

Christian Moore, a 15-year-old, suffered a severe head injury June 23. His family has received $3,050 in donations for his rehabilitation.

A relative, Tasha Hatton of Peabody, said Monday that he is “doing great” and is back in school full-time in Hesston.

Zach and Amy Husmans’ house was destroyed by fire March 29. They have received donations of $4,235.

The Farha Family lost their mother, Anastasia Farha, on Nov. 4. Her husband, Isaac, is leader of a church in Hillsboro. They have four children including a baby. So far, $75,970 has been received to help the family, and the fund remains open.

Several fundraisers are for single mothers. One woman is battling for custody of her children. Another needs money for repairs to her car so she can get a job and go to work.

Catie Zurcher of Marion set up a fundraiser for her sister, Amanda, last summer.

She has received $2,520, more than the amount requested. Amanda is a single mother with three children who is battling stomach cancer. Catie said Friday that Amanda has finished her chemo regimen and is waiting to see if the cancer is gone.

A woman diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2017 received $7,975, more than the $7,500 requested.

A woman who lost her husband four years ago and has two little boys received $4,165.

A homeless woman with children received enough donations to rent an apartment.

A relative of a woman murdered by stabbing in November set up a fundraiser to provide burial money. She has raised $1,875, and the fund is still open.

A request for $40,000 to save a barn and develop it into a place to help special needs children failed to gain traction.

A college student looking for money to pursue her pre-med education received just $111.

A Marion man wanting to set up a place to “Save the pits” has received no donations for a fundraiser he set up in February.

A Hillsboro woman with two children who is needing money to start over has received $500 so far.

Several Florence residents have not been successful in getting donations for gofundme requests made last spring.

A single father requested $5,000 to buy a vehicle for him and his six children.

A single mother of five, who is disabled, requested $2,500 to replace money that was stolen from her and to help pay for groceries.

A person from Florence who wants to be a veterinarian requested $40 to get money for college.

Some requests are a joke.

A man from Hillsboro set up a fundraiser for beer money. He got none.

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