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Golf team is as green as the course

Staff writer

With an inexperienced golf team, Hillsboro coach Scott O’Hare plans to get his players on the green as much as possible so they can practice before the first meet.

“It’s difficult with spring break,” O’Hare said. “But I told them to practice as much as they could, even if they have to pay green fees.”

The seven-member team features two returning letter-winners — Andrew Meier and Evan Ollenburger — as well as five freshman and sophomore players. O’Hare said he is hopeful for a good season, but said that if they are going to have a good start, they’ll have to use their available time to practice on the green.

O’Hare said he is looking forward to seeing the returning letter-winners play, and seeing them improve even more over the upcoming season. He also is anxious to see how the new, inexperienced players improve.

“When you have an experienced team, you can focus on your technique,” he said. “Be we can’t do that. We’ve got to start at the basics: how to play golf. I got them out on the driving range this week and we’re going to spend a lot of time of the practice green.”

In practice last week, O’Hare encouraged his players to follow through on their putts, focusing not only on hitting the ball, but where it is being driven. With these skills in tow, the Hillsboro coach hopes the team will do well this season — and expects the team members to do their best and have fun at each meet, learning to love the “lifelong sport of golf.”

The first golf meet of the season will be 1 p.m. at the Herington Invitational in Herington April 2.

Last modified March 20, 2013