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Breath of fresh air

Samaritans help strangers change tire

Staff writer

Ken and Paula Roper of Emporia were on their way home Sunday afternoon from Salina’s Smoky Hills River Festival when their car got a flat, and they got a sample of Marion hospitality.

The Ropers were four miles west of Marion on US-56 when Ken heard a pop. Not sure of what happened, he was able to continue on and turn onto K-256. A dash light indicated low air pressure, and he found a low tire.

Driving into Marion, the couple stopped at Casey’s General Store, where they spotted a young man sitting in a pickup and another exiting the store to join him.

Ken surmised they were in their early 20s and addressed them.

“I’m not strong enough to take this cover off and change this tire,” he said. “I’ve had cancer and I’m weak. Can you help me?”

“Sure,” they said, and then proceeded to remove the flat tire and replace it with a temporary spare from the car trunk.

“They were very pleasant,” Ken said. “I offered to pay them, but they refused to take it, which is very commendable. They were ready to go to the golf course and play a round of golf.”

He checked the tire Monday morning and found a slit in it. He marveled that it never went completely flat and that they had been able to travel 5 or 10 miles on it to get help.

“I want people in Marion to know that they have some fine young men,” he said.

Last modified June 13, 2018