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GUEST COMMENTARY: Privy predicament

How nice it was to have the new stage and restroom facilities in Central Park during the recent Art in the Park festival. After watching seemingly several thousand women go in and out of the women’s restrooms, and visiting with them about how they like this new addition to our park, I reached this conclusion: You can tell when a restroom was designed by ‘A Man.’

That man should have to go in this restroom dressed in a jacket and wearing a backpack because he has come to do shopping. He should have to carry a cross-body purse with money and charge cards in. He should also have a small child with him that is crying because she has to go to the restroom.

He should then have to stand in a line with 15 people in front o fhim. Finally, it is his turn.

He realizes he is going to have to back-up into the stall. After getting in he wonders how he is going to be able to help a small child remove her coat because he and the child are so squeezed together in the stall.

Now he has to open the door in order to take her jacket off, and he has to stand with the door open while she goes.

Then he opens the door again to take his own jacket off, puts it over the door, and lets the small child stand holding the door partially open so he can go.

Then, to top it off, there isn’t any toilet paper because the single roll holder is empty.

I heard versions of this story more than once and got a good laugh each time.

I am wondering, however, if there may already be a need of new updates in this new facility, such as big toilet paper holders (if there is room for them); large paper towel roll dispensers; and a larger sink with faucets that don’t waste so much water.

The girl who worked keeping restrooms clean and stocked with supplies had the hardest job in the park and walked the most steps of anyone.

Hope you had a good laugh!

Judy Christensen
Marion Art in the Park Chairman

Last modified Sept. 24, 2015