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Happy Hustlers

Noah Schmidt gave a project talk entitled “Meat Cuts of a Steer and Fun Facts,” and Trent Summervill gave a project talk about sport fishing when Happy Hustlers 4-H club met July 10 at Marion County Lake Hall.

Fifteen members, four leaders, and five parents answered roll call with their favorite sport to play or watch.

The flag salute and 4-H Pledge were led by Sophia Baxa and Kaylie Morrison.

Cloverbud members were dismissed to an activity with leader Tina Groening.

Shelby Summervill read June minutes and a letter from Bill Darrow thanking the club for help with Memorial Day flags at Marion Cemetery.

Noah Schmidt reported from the last 4-H Council meeting, reminding families to keep selling raffle tickets. He also presented a treasurer’s report, and the club approved payment of dues to the 4-H Council.

Community leader Amy Summervill gave reminders about Marion County Fair. The club needs to create a curtain for the foods building.

The club changed its next meeting to 7 p.m. Aug. 8 in the lake hall because of a school conflict.

Eli Groening led the club in singing “Happy Birthday” to those with July birthdays.

Trent Summervill had the club members go outside and play freeze tag for recreation.

Refreshments were served by the Thomas family.

Shelby Summervill, reporter

Last modified July 20, 2023