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Helping hands: Students donate coins to make change for hurricane victims

Staff writer

A negative score can still make positive change when students’ pennies add up.

Marion High School gifted students organized a penny drive pitting seminar classes against each other to raise money for hurricane relief through the Red Cross.

“The students wanted to make a difference for hurricane victims, and this was something we had done at other schools where I have worked,” gifted student teacher Clare Galle said. “And it’s a great, motivating way to gather money.”

Freshman Macy Sigel said her cousin lives in Florida and has had family members who lived in Texas.

“It’s a place in our country that really needs help right now, and if our small town can make a difference, then we’re going to do everything that we can to make that happen,” she said.

Pesos, Canadian pennies, special and historical coins, a washer, lint, and hair all have found their way into jars, in addition to coins and dollar bills.

More round copper pieces with Abraham Lincoln gain points for a class, but placing shiny silver coins and dollar bills in other classes’ jars count negatively.

Many jars can end the contest in the red. Theoretically, the winner could even have a negative score.

As of Monday $386 had been raised. The largest total for any class was $6.45. The contest ran Sept. 12 to Tuesday. Winners, who receive doughnuts, will be announced today.

Last modified Sept. 20, 2017