• Last modified 581 days ago (Sept. 14, 2022)


High EMS pay here shocks Dickinson

As Marion County struggles to fill emergency medical service positions and operates with a shortage of paramedics and EMTs, Dickinson County points to Marion County as part of its problem hiring its own paramedics.

Dickinson County administrator Brad Homman was quoted in an Abilene Reflector Chronicle as saying Dickinson has had two EMS vacancies for months and no one will apply.

Dickinson’s starting pay for a paramedic is $51,247. Homman said he was shocked when he heard Marion County’s starting salary for a paramedic had been raised to $62,000.

Dickinson County commissioners on Aug. 25 increased EMS salaries. The starting salary for a paramedic will be $62,000, matching Marion County. EMTs will make $48,189, and advanced EMTs will make $51,251.

Officials in Abilene expressed fear that raising the salary would simply result in others, such as Marion, raising their salaries even higher in a vicious circle of raises.

Last modified Sept. 14, 2022