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4th grade

Tena Loewen class

Once upon a time a reindeer was having his Christmas break, and he decided to go to Dracula’s Christmas party. He wasn’t sure he would like it and boy was he right. For starters Dracula isn’t good at keeping up with holidays so everything was Halloween themed with fake candy eyes in the fruit punch and cobweb decorations. Actually come to think about it I think they were real. P.S. Dracula is horrible at cleaning. Then something happened. Frosty the snowman barged in and said his yetti friend got lost in the snowstorm. Nobody wanted to go find him because they were scared they would get lost. But then Jeff the reindeer and Dracula stepped up and said they would go and find Yetti. They bundled up and headed out but first Jeff asked Santa if he could borrow his sleigh and he said yes. They headed to the sleigh. Jeff was pulling and Dracula was watching for Yetti. After a while Dracula spotted something hairy in the snow. He told Jeff to land. When they landed Yetti raced up and gave them a bear hug. They told him to get in the sleigh. He barely fit and he was squashing Dracula. When they got back he was flat as paper. Frosty was so relieved to see Yetti again. The party cranked up a notch and it lasted until 11:00 o’clock. When Jeff woke up he thought he was a super star. Word got around about Dracula and him saving Yetti. And they became the most popular people in town. The End

Summer Dalke

Back pack, money, chain

Beckett Kleiber

Once upon a time, there was a tiny village on Christmas morning full with reindeer. There was one house that got no presents for Christmas the reindeer’s name was Olive. Olive was never on the nody list so he is really surprised. But Santa was Just late so Olive thought that he was on the nody list. A few moments later Santa came down the chimney. Then Olive yelled “Where is my present’s”!!! Then Santa yelled “now hold on you greaty pig”. Then Olive yelled “I’m not a pig. I’m a reindeer and I’m nice so hand over the presents”! “Ok, nice reindeer your present is to ride on my slay back to the North Pole” said Santa. “Where is the slay” said Olive. “On the rooftop” said Santa. They all lived happly ever after.

Graham Matlock

One Christmas night a crime was made… Mr. gingerbread clames that he was sleeping in his gingerbread house when he heard a loud chomp and when he woke up their was a bite mark in his house the gingerbread police sent mr nutcracker to figiger it out mr nutkracker didn’t know what to do because he was not detective so he started by looking at the Bite mark he saw that the teeth and mouth were really big then he looked on the roof and all the gum drops were aten then he talked to the gingerbread and he did not look happy he said last night someone ate the gum drops then the nutcracker figered it out he himself had aten the house and things didn’t go so happy ever after


Dear Somebody! I would like choose and fidgets.


One day a reindeer came to Rudolph’s house in the north pole over Christmas brake. And the reindeer said “Rudeof we need your help! The Grinch is trieing to steal Christmas again!” “Realy?” asked Rudeof. “Yes and tomorrow is Christmas eve!” “We have to do something! Get the other reindeer. “(An hour later at blisen’s house) “Hey we have to stop the Grinch!” said vixen!” We will “said donor he needs reindeer still. I say we should be his reindeer to steer him of course.” said doner. And that’s what they did. They took Him to mexico and droped him in the water. The end


Thank you for sending us an elf on the shelf a couple of years ago.


Things I want for Christmas; Nintendo switch, Hoverboard, underwater camera, fidgets, puppy, kitten, softballs.

Kelsey Shaw

For Christmas, I would like to have legos, books, colored pencils, markers, Puppy, bored games, water bottle, PoPits, hair ties, Pens, chocolate, orderments and a computer.

Lakin Oelke

My Christmas list: Books, figets, clothes, chocolate, art stuf, lamp, a new confiter.

Alaina Winter

I want Vbuck and the giant indoniius rex and a telesope and roblly and money and video games.

Jason Scneele

PS5, cotroller, RC car, games, gamer chair, mic, pc setup, Iphone, more apple gift cards.

Ethan Jiang

Another dog, a stuft animal, a set of cards, a braslet macar, a candey can, a new water batall, Scrunches.

Ansley Wichert

I will like a huggy Wuggy Pluzhy, a V-Bucks Card, loroblox toys, a new laptop, supply Drop.

Blake Etheridge

I’m gonna ask you a few questions. So I really wanted a list so I will right you my Christmas list; a alexa for my room, a green xbox controller, a youth sized basketball, a new youth sized football. And thats it. Merry Christmas!

Jordan Beavers

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