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Hillsboro council to consider raising electric rates

Staff writer

Hillsboro electric rates likely will rise so the city can pay higher charges from Kansas Power Pool and still meet its goal of building its utility fund reserve.

City administrator Matt Stiles told council members Tuesday that the utility fund has only 28 days’ cash on hand.

“That is a little bit concerning,” Stiles said.

The city raised rates in April 2021 after a severe cold snap two months earlier caused power rates to zoom upward. Residents now pay $0.1295 a kWh plus $12.10 a month base charge.

Council members soon will study customer rates and make a decision.

Stiles said KPP’s rates remain high.

“Thankfully we still have revenue to cover that,” he said.“I still think we’re going to have to do a rate adjustment. We have $9 million in equipment in the electrical system that will need to be planned for replacement.”

Stiles said he would know more after attending a KPP rate forum Friday.

Hillsboro sanitation director David Lockwood told council members he and Stiles were seeking solutions to issues with the city recycling center.

People bring items there whenever they want, he said. In September, a small fire broke out and small propane tanks used for portable barbecue grills caught fire.

Lockwood said a sanitation worker was able to drive the truck away from the fire so no damage was done to it, but he wanted to find ways to reduce problems, such as by adding security cameras or closing the recycling center at night to keep people from dumping illegally.

“How often does the illegal dumping generally take place?” council member Blake Beye asked.

“Every week,” Lockwood said.

Last modified Nov. 3, 2022