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Tracy Boldt’s kindergarten class

Dear Santa,

I would like a John Deer tractor. Love,

Adam Jost

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa because you’re the best ever. If it’s not too much trouble, I would like you to bring a Belle doll and a Barbie swimming pool that also has a dog. Thank you, Santa!

P.S. I love your reindeer and jingle bells!

Abby Beavers

Dear Santa,

I have been good. Will you bring me a 3DS? I will hide your cookies on Christmas Eve so my dad does not eat them. Your friend,

Zayne Haslett

Dear Santa,

I would like for Christmas is a Princess coloring book and markers that you color for a long time until they show up. I’ll leave cookies and milk for you Santa and some reindeer food for Rudolph and the other reindeer. Love from,

Brooklyn Thiessen

Dear Santa,

I want some scientist stuff for Christmas, please.

Jaylie Hein

Dear Santa,

I would like a baby doll that comes with a bath tub, a pacifier, a bottle and a diaper bag. Also, a toy phone. Also, some legs and Jake and the Neverland pirates. I will make and leave you some sugar cookies. Safe travels and I hope you find my new house. I will start being good.

Khloe Funk

Dear Santa,

tede ber


plastasid dogs

to hdr idolRS

monster truck


Eleanor Jost’s kindergarten class

Dear Santa,

It’s me Talon from Hillsboro, Kanss. I am pretty sure I am on the nice list so for Christmas I would really like a dog named Jigsaw. If that is too much then I would like some hot wheels, Legos, books and some coloring books so I won’t color on Mom’s walls anymore. She would like that! Merry Christmas, tell Rudolph hi! Love,

Talon Regier

Dear Santa,

Candy bar make, a Chiefs blanket, a Chiefs pillow, a bracelet, ear rings, a basketball, a basketball hoop, pencil for school, a toothbrush, a easy bake oven.

Hailey Gilkey

Dear Santa,

Army guy, Army base, stuff cat, Gi Joe.

James Moore

Dear Santa,

Santa I want a purple zomo pino.

Riley Richert

Dear Santa,

I would like some shoes for my doll. I would like some marbles for my cat. I want another Warriors book for Violet. I want orange tic tacs for my dad. I want a sweater for my sister Iris to wear. And I want for my mom to have some minty gum. I want another American Girl doll.

Daisy Klein

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing good at the North Pole! Can you please bring me a puppy, a skateboard, and a Hot Wheels remote control car? I will leave you cookies and milk by the fireplace! Love,

Kyson Gawith

Dear Santa,

I ned special Bobrbie


Barbie car


Dear Santa,

May I please have a Hot Wheels track, the loopty loop one, and a police officer remote control car, and a cardboard toy sword? Bye and Merry Christmas!

Stephan Griffith

Shari Sisk’s kindergartners

Dear Santa,

I would like a new shelf for my books. It has to be big. I would also like some cotton candy and an Octonaut play set. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Love,

Pyper Hiebert

Dear Santa,

I would really like a new Pocahontas doll. Also want my brother Creed to be nice to me for once. I could use some hair chalk, but mostly I want my cousin Kate to come and stay with me at my house! Thank you. Love,

Amyah Werth

Dear Santa,

I know you work hard on making presents for me and all the other kids, I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Love,

Cheyanne Plenert

Dear Santa,

I would like a pony, a stall, a gingerbread cookie, and a blanket.


Dear Santa,

Can you please make sure my friends have a good Christmas? And bring them lots of toys and food. Love,

Presten Nelson

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good girl. I would like a go-go puppy. And a Hello Kitty kitchen. Hope you have a safe trip. Have a Merry Christmas. Love,

Kinsley Settle

Sandy Arnold’s first grade class

Dear Santa,

Would you please bring me a BB gun, remote control helicopter, and legos. Also I would like a toy tractor.

Cooper Hefley

Dear Santa,

Please give me a new wii game. Please put chocolate and chapstick and candy cane M&M in my stocking. Please write back!


Dear Santa,

I want a zoomer dino so much. Please Santa Claus. I love you.


Dear Santa,

It’s Talia. Please can I have a dog and ice skates?

How many elves do you have? Love,

Talia Jost

Dear Santa,

I have been kinda good but could you still get me a new basketball and a soccer ball? I would like that a lot. I love you. Thanks,

Sutton Redger

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. But since you can’t get me it, I want a Barbie. But if you can’t I want a iPod, but if you can’t I want a computer.

Nora Hein

Dear Santa,

For Chismus I want a woch with Anna and Elsa and a tablet and some errings and a 3d player with the hid pon!


Michelle Faul’s first grade class

Dear Santa,

I what a barbei house and I alsw what a barbei car and I alsw what a noo bike.


Dear Santa,

I hope I get a lot of gifts for Christmas. Is it cold at the north pole? Travel safe. Milk will be waiting for you.

P.S. and cookies.

Casen Steinert

Dear Santa,

Make up

Some puppies

A new star for the tree.

A lot of snow

A chiefs kitchen set

A easy bake oven

A set of chiefs pajamas


Dear Santa,

This year I want a 4 wheeler a real 4 wheeler.


Dear Santa,

I would like a kitten. Or more also a girls Nerf bow and arrow. to get anething that has computer time on it. Anething history, math or sience. Anething with sugar in it. A few amaracon girl stuf. And lego frends thats it thank you!

Sophia Utecht

Dear Santa,

I want 3 barbies and18 shopkin and 10 siwinkies and lost of sewing stuff. And a pet kitten and beades and 18 books.


Julie Linnens’s first grade class

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year! I would like some Legos. Lots and lots of Legos!! And some more minions peeps please. Have a safe trip. Have a Merry Christmas. Love,

Camden Settle

Dear Santa,

How’s the weather in North Pole. How are you doing and Mrs. Clause. Is the reindeer eating good. On my Christmas list I would like Legos, scoobie doo puzzles, sandbox, swingset, treehouse, go cart. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas. Love,

Koren Pawloski

Dear Santa,

Is the elf a boy or a girl? My birthday is in December. I am lucky because it is close to Christmas. I like you and I love you. I would like a real phone and a school play set. I have been good at school and at home. I hope you come at Christmas. Love,

Alivia Hefley

Dear Santa,

It’s Abby and Ellie. Ellie was Plado and Plado stuf. Abby was a dtetuv kit.


Dear Santa,

I want pickels and bacon and a bike please.


Dear Santa,

I would like an iPad. I will leave out chocolate chip cookies and milk for you.

Lauryn Vogt

Dear Santa,

I would like to have a barbie for Christmas.

Abbie Wiebe

Michele Berens’s second grade class

Dear Santa,

I want a 3ds for Christmas and instructions how to play it. I want some games for it. 2 games that I really want are Pokeman white 2 and super smash bros. I also want a computer with minecraft on it and powerpoint. It’s OK if you bring me other presents, but I just hope you bring me the ones I want.


Dear Santa,

My name is Angel I am 7 years old. I try to be a good boy this year in school and I want a X-box and Disney infinity For Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I want a nerf gun, a hobbit lego set, a blue robe and a book called The Gingerbread Pirate for Christmas. Love,


Dear Santa,

I want a phone and Ipad and Ipod make up and high heles and clothes and a real Loin and a real baby kittin and a real baby dog.


Dear Santa,

I wan’t any of horse stuff. And a DVD player. I love you SC.


Rachel Winter’s second grade

Dear Santa,

I want a Go-Go walking frends and and and Elsa castle that is coneked together and comes with the dolls and the other stuff.


Dear Santa,

You don’t have to give me much toys this year I only want the lego star destroyer. It’s only 140.00$.

Seth D.

Dear Santa,

I wish I could have an I pad and a new baby doll’s and that would be all. PS How are you doing.


Dear Santa,

I have been kinda good but could you still get me a new girl basketball and a drawing pad. I love you. Thanks,

Scout Redger

Dear Santa,

I would like a real baby kitten. And a football and a new American girl doll. And a new American girl doll horse. And a remote control car. And an Elsa dress and an Elsa barbie doll. And a china fan. Sincerely,

Ava Case

Dear Santa,

What do you do for Christmas? Santa. Do you work a lot? Do you know what I want for Christmas? I want super smash brothers and a big lego castle.

Noah Beavers

Debbie Dick’s third grade class

Dear Santa,

I want a football, legos, dog treats for my puppy. Lego’s. To see Calvin and Brady. And the other Wisconsin family to see carson. Another dog more treats. See grampa all rite and grandma all rite. And all of my other family. And thank you for the dog and other gifts.


Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is video game, lots of then to!!! but …. The most ….. WANTED!! … gift of all is ……. For everyone to be happy and full of jolly to! !!AND!! Merry Christmas to all and all a good night!!

Joshua Dick

Dear Santa,

Even we don’t se Santa we still care about him and this is a fact if you are bad you don’t get a present and if you are good you get a present from Santa.


Dear Santa,

I want an electric scooter, barbies, candy, a Bible, and more. I don’t care if I get them all. I will still be happy if you get me none of them. Sincerely,

Trudy Hein

Dear Santa,

I want a dirt bike for Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I was wondering if you could get me a sewing machine, a projector, and a tablet? Does everyone believe in you? I do, but I wish I could see you in person! I’m still trying to figure out how you sneak down our chimney! Thank you for all the presents you deliver to all of the kids. I love you and wish you a Merry Christmas! Love,

Bailee Gawith

Lenna Knoll’s third grade class

Dear Santa,

I would love a Barbie, Easy Bake Oven, books, having fun with my mom, and a sled.

Mariah LaPlante

Dear Santa,

I want anki drive, happy Christmas, pet fish, pet cat, beados, new Wii games, new Skylanders.


Dear Santa,

Please can you give me a cute girl puppy for Christmas? Next can I please have is a American girl doll? I LOVE you SANTA!!! Have a merry jolly Christmas Santa!!!!

Oh ya I forgot please all so can I have 6 dogs bones and 6 bouncy balls for dogs!!! A cage please to and dog food and dog dish to Please!!!!

If I can’t get all of those then I’ll just ask for a dog and the stuff. Love,

Maria Pohlmann

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want one of those chairs that when you sit on them they bounce back up. The also kinda look like spider webs. But I call them web chairs.


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