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Honor rolls released this week:



High (3.75 or greater GPA)

Seniors — Aidan Cairns, Shelby Felvus, Cade Harms, Paige May, Taylor May, Madison Miller, and Shonda Ratzloff, 4.00, and Tyler Arocha, Nathan Baldwin, Katelyn Christensen, Jeremy Hett, Marissa Jacobson, and Mason Pedersen, 3.86.

Juniors — Megan Bailey, Bailey Baker, Jacob Crabb, Devin Hamm, Kyle Pierce, Long Tran, Corbin Wheeler, and Colin Williams, 4.00, and Ryann Grahn, Kourtney Hansen, Sam Richmond, and Zach Stuchlik, 3.86.

Sophomores — David Francis, Emmy Hess, and Sam Kelsey, 4.00, and Kimmie Duncan, Elli Hett, Luisa Junqueira, and Jared Rahe, 3.86.

Freshmen — Chloe Burkholder, Shelby Cairns, Matthew Christensen, Aubrey Craig, Cassie Meyer, Cameron White, and Jaimee Wickman, 4.00, and Koby Hett and Lilly Lundy, 3.86.

Regular (3.50 to 3.74)

Seniors — Falon Crawford and Seth Savage, 3.71; Lydia Kinman, 3.67; and Emily Hague, Taelyn Pagel and Krisde Robinson, 3.57.

Juniors — Meggan Frese, Alli Hett, and Lindsey Sigel, 3.71, and Courtney Herzet, 3.57.

Sophomores — Michaela Regnier, Maria Stuchlik, and Larry Zieammermann, 3.71; Christen Becker, Corrina Crabb, Drew Helmer, Jenna Helmer, and Noah Kukuk, 3.57; and Brandon Nguyen, 3.50.

Freshmen — Cade Alleven, Hunter Helmer, and Emily Hutchison, 3.71, and Bethany Grimmett and Grace Overton, 3.57.

Honorable mention (3.00 to 3.49)

Seniors — Emily Davies, 3.43; Taylor Pontious, 3.40; Brooke Bernhardt, 3.33; Garrett Alleven, Tori Boyd, Kaitlyn Goebel, and Ethan Thornbro, 3.29; Bryce Shults, 3.14; and Whitney Ehlers, Molly Hess, Daniel Hinton, Jarrett Johnson, and Aaron Riggs, 3.00.

Juniors — Austin Neufeld and Logan Waner, 3.43; Carley Stapleford, 3.29; Emma Fay, Caleb Hett, Jessi Lewman, Alli Molleker, Tyler Palic, and Jack Schneider, 3.14; and Garrett Hoffner, Corin Parmley, and Shelby Wilhelm, 3.00.

Sophomores — Colton Mercer, Tori Shults, and Hap Waddell, 3.43; Destiny Boudreaux and Ethan Darnall, 3.29; and Evann Heidebrecht, Joey Nickel, and Kimberly Vanderzanden, 3.00.

Freshmen — Grace Winter, 3.43; Alli Hett, Sadie MacDonald, and Alfwenna Meyer, 3.14; and Peyton Ensey and Mistie Larson, 3.00.


High (3.75 or greater GPA)

8th grade — Laura Savage, Macy Sigel, Abigail Stuchlik, and Tristan Williams 4.00, and Brandon Lange, Megan Neufeld, Todd Palic, Jaden Slifer, and Jayden Spencer, 3.8571.

7th grade — Amy Gayle, Miles Olson, Brooklyn Riddle, Mickelly Soyez, and Hannah Stubenhofer-May, 4.00, and Reyna Bouslog and Jayden May, 3.8571.

6th grade — Christopher Beery, Calli Burkholder, Addy Davis-Ash, Sandie Lange, Mia Spencer, Mckinnon Waner, and Abby Wesner, 4.00, and Natalie Hoffner, Brooklin Matthews, Shannon Taylor, and Caden Wilhelm, 3.8571.

Regular (3.50 to 3.74)

8th grade — Melanie Garrett and Chisholm Waner, 3.7143, and Will Alleven, Anne Baliel, Colton Boudreaux, Tyler Boudreaux, Sara Felvus, Braedon Mercer, and Nathan Shields, 3.5714.

7th grade — Johnny Zieammermann, 3.7857; Christian Albin, Karlee Fetrow, Emily Hake, Dominic Miller, Amaya Sneath, Sydney Williams, and Campbell Winter, 3.7143, and Emma Box, Heidi Grimmett, and Breanna Mallory, 3.5714.

6th grade — Arwen Fay and Lane Svoboda, 3.7143, and Lucas Cairns, Taelar Creed, Nathan Hoffner, and Brynn Mermis, 3.5714.

Honorable mention (3.00 to 3.49)

8th grade — Burton Harshman and Preston Schneider, 3.4286; Dylan Cooper, Dante Snyder, Cory Williams, and Tabor Workman, 3.2857; Rope Uhl, 3.1429; and Seth Lanning and David Sawyer, 3.00.

7th grade — Gracie Mackey, William Riddle, De Smith, and Anderson Waddell, 3.4286; Jayda Hayes, 3.3571; DJ Smith and Emma Soyez, 3.2858; Kalea Craig, 3.2143; and Jessica Arevalo and Cross Brown, 3.00.

6th grade — Tristen Dye, Chance Shults, and Kent Wiggins, 3.4286; Trevor Cairns, 3.2517; Madison Arocha, Katelynn Schmidt, Lexee Wickman, and Carley Wilhelm, 3.2857; Roslyn Kealy, 3.2143; Helen Henry and Amber Miller, 3.1429; and Quade Williams, 3.0714.

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