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How an elf got his groove back

Staff writer

A homesick elf recently made a triumphant return to Marion Elementary School after retreating to the North Pole to recover from the holiday blues.

“His name is Trapper—T-r-a-p-p-e-r—he is a magical elf that Santa sent us,” first grade teacher Michelle Flaming said. “Santa told us if anyone touched Trapper that he would lose his magical power and have to go back to the North Pole.”

Likening Trapper to an “Elf on the Shelf,” only bigger with more of a stuffed animal appearance, Flaming said Trapper arrived bright and spirited, decked out in red holiday attire. His surveillance powers helped ensure classroom security and order.

“During the day he sat quietly and observed,” Flaming said. “Students knew he was reporting back to Santa.”

At night, Trapper’s mission was more animated. He patrolled the perimeter alone, but in his down time, he would find other activities.

“He explored our room,” she said. “In the morning, we would find him doing different things.”

However, Trapper’s activities soon showed signs of melancholia.

“One morning we found him on the globe looking at the North Pole,” Flaming said. “Another we found him reading a North Pole book that had ‘Home for Christmas’ on it.”

Flaming said some students differed in their beliefs about how many times an elf could be touched before it lost magical powers.

She did not disclose what student actually touched the elf or if the student’s gesture was ornery, consoling, or curious in nature, but Trapper lost his power and returned to the North Pole for emergency magical attention.

“I guess Santa must have been really busy,” Flaming said. “Trapper was gone for about a week, but when Trapper came back, Santa had recharged his magical power. The kids were pretty excited.”

Trapper’s groove was back. He was visibly happy to be among students again, but with students’ jubilation at his return, Flaming said he confided in her about a secret fear.

“He was a little nervous that he might lose his magical powers again,” Flaming said.

Last modified Dec. 22, 2016