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I can't, I'm going to Winfield

Staff writer

The Walnut Valley Festival, located in Winfield, Kansas, is famous for it’s acoustic style music, world renowned performers, campground jams, and all around fun for family and friends.

This was the 41st annual festival and yes, I was there once again. There are no words to describe it in its entirety.

Just the sight of it gets the adrenaline pumping, like a kid at an amusement park.

During the festival, the sound of bluegrass music surrounds you. Each morning I was awakened to the sound of a fiddle and banjo playing somewhere off in the distance. What a great way to wake up!

Then my husband, Kenny, who has been to the last 35 festivals, and I would meander down the road for coffee where a nice gentleman from Texas supplied us with hot organic espresso each day. A gathering place of sorts. We met new friends, ran into old friends, and even met a few that I’m sure we had crossed paths with at sometime or another. I met one young lady who was traveling from Washington State, going festival to festival on her way to Nashville, Tenn. I hope she makes it big. (She thought I reminded her of her mother.) Sweet.

The thing is, there are no strangers. You’re welcomed into everyone’s camp. You’re invited to share their food, their drink, their music and their kindness. Several times I was told, “Happy Winfield, come in and have a chair and join us.” And I did. If we could just all live that way outside the perimeter of the festival.

There are thousands of people and thousands of campers and tents, but it is the most peaceful, relaxing place on earth. It’s a feeling of all the troubles in the world just went away the minute you drive through the gates of the festival. There are no politics, only solutions to the problems. Thanks for that one Elaine. There are no tensions, no troubles and no worries. Only music, friends, laughter, peace, and love.

This year, my grandson Reid made it to the festival for a few hours. That made three generations. Myself, my daughter, and now my grandson. My stepdaughters were there also and I cannot wait for next year, where I will be toting around another generation. I’ll say no more about that right now. But lets just say this grandma is pretty excited.

I’m already looking forward to the 42nd Walnut Valley Festival. I have it marked on my calendar. And, if anyone should make other plans for me, I’ll just have to tell them, “I can’t, I’m going to Winfield.”

Last modified Sept. 26, 2012