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Hillsboro police

Dec. 23: Police took a report of smoke coming from a building in the fairgrounds.

Dec. 24: Officers took a traffic complaint and a reckless driving complaint.

Dec. 25: Police assisted a vagrant and took a report that a stolen identity was being used to get drug treatment in Wichita.

Dec. 26: Officers took a juvenile into protective custody.

Dec. 27: Police addressed a curfew violation and took a report of 911 disconnects in which children were playing with a cell phone.

Dec. 28: Officers took a report of suspicious activity and assisted parents with a wayward child.

Dec. 29: Police addressed a curfew violation and took a report of a suspicious person.

Dec. 30: Officers returned lost property, took a traffic complaint, and took a report of an abandoned vehicle.

Dec. 31: Police took a report of an attempted identity theft and returned lost property.

Jan. 1: Officers checked on suspicious activity in Hillsboro Heights.

Thursday: Police took reports of a vagrant person, a reckless driver, and an abandoned vehicle. Officers also checked on suspicious activity at the city shop.

Friday: Officers took an infant into protective custody and took a trespass complaint.

Marion police

Dec. 15: Officers returned found property to its owner.

Dec. 16: Police responded to an report of a out-of-control juvenile at Marion County Special Education Cooperative and took a report of child abuse.

Dec. 17: Officers investigated a report of a dog tearing up grass and another out-of-control juvenile at the special ed co-op, and assisted Marion Emergency Responders with a call.

Dec. 18: Officers took a report of criminal damage to a vehicle, responded to the special ed co-op for an out-of-control juvenile.

Dec. 20: A police dog signaled the scent of illegal substances at a traffic arrest, and officers took a report of theft from a motor vehicle.

Dec. 22: Officers responded to an ATV on the roadway, and received a complaint about a barking dog.

Dec. 23: Police took a report of a bad check at Carlsons’ Grocery Store and a rabid skunk in the 800 block of S. Roosevelt St.

Dec. 25: Officers found residents riding a three wheeler and a four wheeler in a reckless manner in the industrial park; they were informed to stop or be arrested for reckless driving.

Dec. 26: Officers took a report of a bullet striking a shed.

Dec. 27: Police took a report of a possible missing person and possible harassment.

Dec. 30: Police checked on a possible stranded motorist and, relocated an opossum to its natural habitat. Police dog Legion was deployed on a traffic stop and indicated drugs were present. A search of the vehicle yielded marijuana paraphernalia, and $350 cash was seized. The next day Kyle Theriot, 35, of Houma, La., was booked into Marion County Jail for possession on charges of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Dec. 31: Officers responded to a commercial alarm where everything was found to be OK, arrested six juveniles and cited an 18-year-old for being a minor in consumption of alcohol. Police arrested a juvenile driver in suspicion of being a minor in consumption and minor in possessing alcohol.


Dec. 24: Police worked a non-injury accident and an unattended death and charged a person identified only as Zachary Husman with driving with no valid driver’s license.

Dec. 25: Police arrested a juvenile on two counts of battery.

Dec. 26: Officers took a report of theft.

Jan. 3: Police took in found property.

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