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Intruder jailed after bathing

Bizarre behavior ends with arrest after returning to church

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A Marion woman was arrested after multiple reports of erratic behavior that capped with her taking a bath at a friend’s home during a break-in.

Rexana J. Siebert, 44, was arrested Friday on suspicion of trespassing.

Nikki Reid said a neighbor reportedly saw Siebert talking to herself and throwing things off the porch of Reid’s N. Cedar St. home and summoned police.

Reid was not at home when Siebert entered without her permission. Police called her.

Reid said Siebert came out of the home once because she wanted a cigarette.

She was “inappropriately” attired, according to Reid, who told Siebert to get a shirt.

“Then she came out wearing all of my clothes,” Reid said. “Well, I kind of told her she could.”

Items Siebert took include cowboy boots and a leather collar, according to police reports.

Siebert went back in the home and chained the back door.

Marion officer Duane McCarty asked dispatch to confirm whether there were guns in the home.

Reid said there were two — a 20-gauge and a .22 rifle — but both were stored in locked cabinets.

McCarty said Siebert was in the bathroom.

“She was taking a bath,” he said.

“I don’t know what was going on in her head,” police chief Clinton Jeffrey said. “All I know is that she didn’t have permission to be there, so we made her leave, and the homeowner did not want to press charges at the time.”

About 1:15 p.m. Siebert reportedly entered nearby St. Mark Catholic Church, where she had created a disturbance the night before.

“She was told not to go back to that property or she would be arrested, and she went back the following day,” Jeffrey said.

Officers arrested Siebert and alerted dispatchers that she needed to be medically cleared at St. Luke Hospital.

County jail regulations specify that a potential inmate behaving erratically be medically cleared, McCarty said.

Siebert refused to cooperate at St. Luke, so officers transported her to jail, he said.

Siebert is still listed as an inmate on the jail roster.

County attorney Joel Ensey said he was reviewing the case.

Last modified May 20, 2021