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Intruders really stink

Staff writer

Three residents of east Hillsboro have complained to police of stinky, vagrant intruders on their property.

A family of skunks was reported Thursday to be nesting in a window well of a house in the 900 block of E. C St.

Two days later, two other residents reported skunks in the 900 block of E. D St. and again in the 900 block of E. C St.

“It’s possible they are the same family of skunks,” Assistant Police Chief Randy Brazil said, noting that he has seen skunks along the eastern edge of town. “Normally what we do is, we have a live trap we can set it out for them. Over at my house I caught 13 last year in a live trap.”

He’s not aware of any of the residents having a trap.

“I gave the one lady the number for our trap guy but I don’t know if she actually called back or not,” he said.

This is the time of year skunks are producing babies, but there seems to be an abundance of skunks this year, Brazil said.

“It’s more than we’ve had in the past,” he said. “It’s very possible that it’s the same gang as well, just moving around.”

Brazil said it was unusual to see a skunk out during daylight hours. When they are out during the day, it can be a sign that something is wrong with the skunk.

Last modified June 29, 2022