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It’s a disaster: County refuses to approve unseen crisis plan

Staff writer

County commissioners Monday declined to approve an emergency management plan they haven’t seen.

Emergency manager Randy Frank presented commissioners with letter from the state Monday stating the county’s plan is approved if commissioners sign off on it.

What Frank did not provide is a copy of the actual emergency management plan.

“Everyone wants to know what we’re signing,” commission chairman Randy Dallke said.

Commissioners took issue with the fact the only person identified to put the plan into action is the emergency manager.

Although some portions of the plan are not available to the public for security reasons, commissioners have not seen the whole document, Dallke said.

“There are things we have not known for seven years,” Dallke said.

Instead of signing their approval, commissioners moved the plan to the Aug. 16 agenda.

In other business, commissioners considered a request for a heated fishing dock at the county park and lake to have a roof over the outside deck, as the old dock had.

Park and lake superintendent Isaac Hett said anglers have asked him if the new dock, which will replace one destroyed in a storm, could have the roof extended to cover the walkway.

The new dock, which should be finished in about six weeks, doesn’t have covered walkways.

Hett said his preliminary estimate for an extended roof is $10,000.

Nelson-Fowles, the construction company hired to build the dock, said an overhang could be added at a later time.

Commissioners tabled the discussion until a later date.

Hett also told commissioners some lake residents have complained that the county merely provided rock to repair washouts caused by a late June storm.

The roadways in the residential area were built by homeowners and are not the responsibility of the county.

Commissioner David Crofoot said residents should understand the roadways in front of their residences do not belong to the county.

Last modified Aug. 5, 2021