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Jail may need revolving door for this inmate

The third time may be less a charm than it is a curse for 29-year-old Jonathan Mangold, who for the third time in two months has found himself hauled off to Marion County Jail.

It all began May 21, when Marion police sergeant Michael Stone pulled Mangold over near Central Park because his vehicle allegedly had no light on its license plate.

After Stone reported observing an open container of alcohol inside the vehicle, four morphine pills, a marijuana bong, and marijuana were found.

Mangold, who has listed his address as both Herington and Council Grove, was arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana; driving while his license was suspended; transporting an open container of alcohol; and having no tag light.

Three others in the vehicle at the time also were arrested. Some of them were still in jail when Mangold, who apparently had been released on bond, returned June 3 for Chingawassa Days.

He was a passenger in a truck that hit a parked car near Marion High School after Chingawassa’s Charlie Daniels Band concert concluded.

Again, it was Stone who investigated. Suspecting that Mangold was under the influence of drugs, he attempted to pat him down, but the two reportedly struggled over items located in the pat down.

Mangold was subdued and taken to St. Luke Hospital to be checked medically before being jailed a second time — this time on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, battery of a law enforcement officer, and interference with law enforcement.

Free on bond, he pleaded no contest June 19 to charges from the first incident. He remained free until July 14, when his bond was revoked and he was returned to jail by sheriff’s deputies.

One of the three people arrested May 21 with Mangold also was taken back in jail last week.

Matthew Hewitt, 20, of Council Grove was jailed July 19 for allegedly violating his probation, presumably from the May 21 arrest.

In jail, the pair were joined by a third person arrested with them on May 21.

Parker Thompson, 20, Wichita, who has been jailed ever since then, is accused of possessing a controlled substance, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia along with aggravated escape from custody.

He allegedly tried to break free while being ushered into the jail May 21. He also is being held on a Department of Corrections warrant.

Judge Michael Powers said he could not comment on Mangold’s case because it is still open.

Although Mangold has more than one bond, any bond remains in effect until a defendant is sentenced, Powers said. He could have been arrested for bond revocation in either case.

“Bond is to protect the public,” Powers said. “Obviously, if the person appears to be very dangerous, the bond is high. Bond is also to ensure their appearance in court. Setting bond is a balancing act. If you set high bonds on everyone, it will be an extreme expense to the public.”

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