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Keep that snowball rolling

The effort to redefine Marion as a community for the arts and artists continues to gain momentum. On Saturday I had the good fortune to be the person covering Mary Jean Rogers’ home art gallery.

Among her works are several watercolors of homes and landmarks in Marion, all of them instantly recognizable. It hasn’t been two years yet since Jan Davis opened Gallery 101 on Main Street, and the amount of art in town is already too much to fit in one gallery. I don’t think it is a matter of there suddenly being so many more artists in the community. Instead, more of the artists who were here all along are finding venues to show their work.

Art and Music Strolls and other fine arts events — driven as much by devoted individuals as by civic groups — have been unqualified successes. With such efforts, success breeds more success. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill (which sounds really refreshing right now), getting bigger as it goes.

A thriving arts community is a great thing for a city of any size. It gives residents things to do and see without leaving town, and it gives out-of-towners reasons to come to town again and again. The lakes, Marion Community Center, Central Park, and USD 408 Performing Arts Center are all great venues for cultural events, and each has its own character and strengths.

Let’s keep those venues busy, and keep that snowball rolling.


Last modified July 26, 2012