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The newspaper offered teachers in all five Marion County school districts a chance to have their students write what they are thankful for and how they would prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Here, with minimal editing to ensure intent could be understood, is what they wrote, just as they wrote it:


I am thankful for . . .


Me and my mo go outsid to cech a turkey for thanksgiving to feed my family. I hang it from a trackder to cut the turkeys fether off of him.


Sam a dog and my family.

Take a turkey and cut it in the bhind and add mashed eggs and sum greens and close it up and add salt and pepr and then cook and done.


My horse and my mom and dad.

I go hunt for a turkey then put it in the oven for 30 min. then I eat it!



We put the turkey in the oven for 30 minutes at 100 degres.


Being here today.

I start by buying a turkey, I put it in the oven for 30 mintues at the temper at 35.


My teacher.

You catch a turkey and cook it.



I buy a turkey. Then I cook it. Then I eat it.


My cat.

My mom gives me turkey for dinner.


Konner. We do stuf together evey day.

The turkey goes in the oven for 1000 min.


My life, family and my home.

I prepare the table, punch, tea and I skin the turkey.


Family, life, friends and home.

I put the turkey in for 30 mintues and I cook some vegetables.



My dad busy a turkey. Then he cooks the turkey. We make rainbow Jell-O, corn, rice, fruit, rolls and casserole. My cousins and my grandma and grandpa.



I’m thankful for my puppy, puppy cuddles, and my dad; really thankful for my mom; thankful feeding my cat Henry, attacking my Henry, feeding Rocky, Legos, fixing my house, helping my parents, and most of all Rocky and my dad and mom.


I’m thankful for my two dogs and my mom and dad, really thankful for my grandma and thankful for my house, TV, chicken nuggets, my brothers, school, friends. and most of all my family.


I’m thankful for my mom, my dad, and my sister; really thankful for my dogs; thankful for my iPhone, toys, Coke, water, food, friends and most of all God.


I am thankful for my mom, my dad, and my brother Brady; really thankful for my dog Rosco; thankful for water, food, my house, my teacher, my friends, my bed and most of all Dr. Pepper and Coke.


I’m thankful for school, home, and friends; really thankful for Bella, Nana, dad, and mom; thankful for holidays, turkey, Gus, Nickie, Ann, Jane, and most of all family.


I’m thankful for friends, food, and water; really thankful for cows; thankful for my mom, my dad. my sister, my brother, ice cream, pigs, and most of allGod.


I’m thankful for food, water, and school; really thankful for home; thankful for my twin sisters, my brother, presents for holidays, my cat, my toys, and most of all my mom.


I am thankful for my mom, my dad, and family; really thankful for Leroy; thankful for school, Pepsi, my tablet, friends, firefighters, EMTs, and most of all, God.


I’m thankful for a home, my dog, and my cat; I’m really thankful for my brother; thankful for water, my laptop, my tablet, my phone, macaroni and cheese, my desk, and most of all, my family.


I’m thankful for pets, friends, and shelter; really thankful for food; thankful for my mom, my dad, Judah, my grandma, my grandpa, and most of allfamily.


4TH grade

Recipe for Thanksgiving

2 cups of happies

1 teaspoon of gratude

3 cups of Thankfulnes

½ cups of compliments

3 cups of smiles

2 cups of kindness

Bake for 10 minutes.

I hope it tast good!


What im thankfull for

Im thankfull for my dog, cat’s, my family, a roof over my head, toy’s, my bed, my stuffed animal’s, my alarm clock, food, water, a car, a truck, a lawn mower, school, friends, pets, my sister, my room, someone to play with, to be happy, to have jokes, to be able to laugh, to smile, to walk, to have bones, to run, to breath air, to smell, math, reading, ice, ice cream, a chair, a couch, the sun, the earth, space, stars, every single food.


Wh0 i am thankful for recipe

Family, friends, nurses, aunts and uncles, cooks, one cup of teacher, clases, fourgiving, being hear, happy ons and people for being here to take care, two cups of me and other people here, school joyful and church Sunday school. first responders. Three teaspoons of thing that we can right with and kinds and school, food and water, math. Mix all, PE and science. Backpackets, homes, together, cars, planes, trucks, cranows, mark for 10 to 30 and sheiffes, friefiters to be thanksful ever minets. Day


What i’m thankful for

I am thankful for my mom, I am thankful for my dad, I am thankful for my house, I am thankful for the food I eat, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for everything I have I am thankful for my cloths, I am thankful for my pets, I am thankful for my thankful for my teacher, I am thankful for my school, I am thankful for my friends.


My recipe for thanksgiving

10 cups of thank yous

8 cups of your welcomes

12 cups of opening the door for people

20 tablespoons of helping people

56 teaspoons of kindness

60 cups of forgiving people

80 teaspoons of being friends with people

25 cups of hugging people

100 cups of loving your family and friend

10 cups of buter and 20 teaspoons of milk

25 cups of caring for people


A recipe of thanksgiving

Hafe a teaspoon of happnis.

A cup of gratitude

A tablespoon of kindnis

A spoon full of giving

Two teaspoons of goodniss

Two cups of perservance

Three tablespoons of silleyness

Cook for twenty two minits mix for three minits. It will tast like creativity.


i am thankful for

I am thankful for my sister because she plays with me and is loving and is nice to me. I love my mom and dad so much, they take care ofme and that is hard to do. They feed me and give me aplace to sleep. I am thankful for food and water because it keeps me alive. I love my pets my dog kozzy is great and my hedchog ketchup is great too. I am thankful for a lot of things in my life because a lot of people do not have the things that I have. So I am THANKFUL!


I’m thankful for my dogs and my horses. I’m thankful for kindness, gratitude and forgiveness. I’m thankful for having friends and family. I’m thankful for relatives and my teacher. I’m thankful for everybody. I’m thankful for my gifts from Christmas and my birthday.


What I am thankfull for mom, dad, grama, grampa and buster. I am thankful for my house, food and water. Saturday, Sunday, family, friends, horse, cats and fish. Wifi, Thanksgiving, Christmas, pumpkin pie, chicken, math, Mrs. Fish our teacher and love. The end of the list.


I am greatfull for

I am greatfull for my mom, my dad and siblings! I am greatfull for my family! I’m thankful for food that I east, the water I drink! I am also thankful for thanksgiving the good I eat on thanksgiving. The people I spend time with. I’m greatful for the shelter I have. I’m greatfull for lots of things! Everyone should have something to be greatful for if its warmth, clothes, shelter, food and more! Remember we all have someone or something to be greatfull for.


My recipe for thanksgiving

A teaspoon of kindess, a tablespoon of gratitude and politeness, 4 ounces positive, 6 ounces of carring, 1 ounce of respect, 2 teaspoon of kindess, 5 teaspoons of honeset, 1 buter stick and a half of a gallon of milk.


I am thankful for

I am thankful for my family, food, house. I am mosly thankful for my mom and dad. On Thanksgiving I am thankful for all the food I get to eat and cook some of the food I eat sometimes we go to my Aunt’s house and go fishing. Fishing is also something I am thankful for. I love the month of November.


I am thankful my mom and dad. I am thankful that I have a house to live in. I can go to school. I have clean clothes to wear. I can get new shoes. I eat three meals a day and snack. I have school supplies. I have book to read. We have so many things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful for a lot of things but some things I am thankful for is people like friends, family and lots of other people. I’m also thankful for animals and all the toys I get. I’m thankful for toys because I get a lot of toys and some people don’t even have enough money to get toys. And of course food, drinks and shelter. I can just say I’m thankful for many things.


I am thankful for food, because some people do not have any food to eat. I am also thankful for my friend and family because they do so much for me. I am thankful for a shelter over my head. I am also thankful for an amazing teacher. I am thankful for animals and pets. I am thankful for clothes and shoes. And I am thankful the world and all the people in it.


My family, our exchange student, my friends, hunting, fishing, ma, pa, uncles, aunts, cousins, cats, dogs, chickens, cow, food, drink, me, wood working, math, saying yes, my tools, my hose, my horse.

My ingredients, 1 cup of gratitude, 2 cups of kindness.

2nd grade

I am thankful for Santa. He gives me presents. I am thankful for God. He made me. I am thankful for the easter bunny. He gives me presents. I am thankful for my life, so I can be here. I am thankful for Speed, he makes me appy. I am thank for my school, so I can be smart. I am thankful for my friends and family, so I can play. I am thankful for Ms. Hansen. I am thankful for everybody that works here. I am thankful for the world so I can have friends. I am thankful for money. I like to spend it at target. I am thankful for technology so I can play minecraft. I am thankful for food, so I can be alive.


I am thankful for money. I love spending money at walmart. I am also thankful for food, I love when my mom makes pizza. I am thankful for santa because he gives me presents. I am also thankful for friends; I like to play with my friends. I am also thankful for family because I love to play games with them. I am thankful for the easter bunny he gives me toys too. I am thankful for the tooth fairy because he gives me money for a tooth. I am thankful for God because he made me.


I am thankful for my horse Ike. He is soft. I like to lope him. I’m also thankful for our horse Mikey. He is old. I also love Jiggy. He is cute. I love them.


I am thankful for God because I get to go to church. I am thankful for food and water. I am happy I have a house, family, clothes and friends.


I am thankful for God. God is actually our realy dad. He love us. I am also thankful for my doll Cookie. She is my favorite doll.


I am thankful for my sisters. My sisters love me so much. My sisters take me to the park. I am also thankful for my dog. My dogs name is Blue.


I am thankful for God. We go to church every Sunday. I am also thankful for my dog. We like to play soccer every Monday after school.


I am thankful for my dog. We like to play soccer ball. We sleep together. We walk together. When I’m sad she makes me happy.


I am thankful for games because they are fun. I am thankful for my family and friends because they play with me. And I am thankful for music.


I am thankful for food. I love when my grandma makes eggroles. I’m thankful for my Nintendo. I love my games. I’m thankful for my family. I love to play catch.


I am thankful for dance, because it is a a lot of money, but my mom is nice enough to do it for me. I am also thank ful for God because he made my family. He is always with no matter where I am.


I am thankful for my family. We love to play games together. I am also thankful for my friends.


I am thankful for my life and my family. I am also thankful for my school and my mom and my dad and my sister and brother and big brother and my pets.


I am thankful for my teacher. I love her so much. I am also thankful for my family. I love my family. I am also thankful for God, he loves me and I love him too.


I am thankful for my kitten, I play with them every day. They are soft and playful. I am thankful for my family, we play games together.


I am thankful for my school. Tidy my dog makes me happy. I am also thankful for a roof over my hed. I reely like my erly birthday present, my mountain bike.


I am thankful for my house. I am thankful for my food. I am thankful for my wotr. I am thankful for my bed. I am thankful for my skoowl. I am thankful for my teacher, shee helps us lrn. I am thankful for my famleey.


I am thankful for my famlee. I am thankful for my house. I am thankful for food.


I am thankful for my family. I have two little brothers that I’m thankful for. I am thankful for my mom and my dad. I am thankful for my teacher. I am thankful for my home, my warmth, and my food. I am thankful for my dogs to.


I am thankful for my mom for giving me food and shelter, my teacher, my classmts, my friend Andy, my bed, and my two bros.


I am thankful for my family, I love Ayslinn, Lachlyn, Jameson, and my mom and dad. I am thankful for my hole intire family. I am thankful for my animals. I am thankful for my friends.


I am thankful for my family. I have two brothers, a mom and a dad. I am thankful for our home. I am thankful for my school and my class. I am thankful for books, and my bed, and my toys, and water and food, and good masks and a good football team, Miss Hall.


I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my horses, Lj and Luke. I am thank for my school. I am thankful for my home to give me warmth and shelter. I am thankful for my bed.


I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my home it gives me warmth and shelter. I am thankful for my food and water. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for my school. I am thankful for Ms. Hall.


I am thankful for a home and food and my family. My dog and my cats are fun. I love my mom and dad. My friends make me laf. I love school.


I am thankful for my shelter that gives me warmth. I am thankful for my mom and dad. I am thankful for my bed to keeps so I can sleep. I am thankful for my dogs that I can cudle with. I am thankful for my school that helps me learn.


I am thankful for my mom and dad who love me. I am thankful for my brother, Matthies and sisters, GG, Sophia, and Evelyn. I am thankful for my home that keeps me safe. I am thankful for my school and Mrs. Hall who helps me learn.


I am thankful for my pets they always cutuls with me avre day. I am thankful for my family, my dad, mom, two sisters and my baby brother. I am thankful for my friends, Ian and Charles, Liam, Wyatt, Jarrett, Russell and Jameson.


I am thankful for my two familys. My three brothers. My two moms. My two dads. My eight dogs. My home. My bed. My home. My moms baby. My school. I am thankful for my teacher. My food. My clothes. My friends.


I am thankful for my family. I have three dogs. I am thank for my sister and brother. I have one dad and one mom. I am thankful for my house that gives me shelter. I have seven friends. I am thankful for my teacher.


2ND grade

I am thankful for being kind to others because they are nice to me, I am thankful for pets because they are cute, I am thankful for turkeys because they taste good.


I am thankful for my grandma’s puppy, Fergie, because she is cute.


I am thankful for my friends because they are kind to me and my teachers because they are very helpful. They help me when I’m sad and mad.


I’m thankful for sirens because they keep me safe.


I am thankful for family because they help me.

Case Entz

I am thankful for my family, mom, and toys.


I am thankful for my family because they love me. I am thankful for my dogs because they are so cute. I am thankful for my friends because they always help me when I need help. I am thankful for food and water because we would not have anything to drink or eat. I am thankful for electricity because I would not be doing this (typed)


I am thankful for food because it is good and toys because it is fun. I am thankful for money because I can buy food.


I am thankful for my imagination because I am able to change the world.

(No name)

I am thankful for my teacher and my family and my pets.

(No name)

Superheroes. I’m thankful for love, family, god, shelter, presidents, and the world. School teachers, kindness, pets, Jesus, angels, colors, clothing, sunshine, clouds, cars, soldiers, the flag, rainbows, electricity, unicorns, dragons, trees and bugs, stuffies, zodiacs, flowers, food and water, being kind, glasses, time and day, coloring paper, warnings, snow, backpacks, plants, holiday and Santa’s elves, toys, pictures, friends, wipes, animals, candy. I’m thankful for trees because they help up breathe


I am thankful for mom and dad because they hold me when I am sad. I am thankful for my dog Claire because when I am scared she cuddles me.


I am thankful for a home because if I did not have a home, I would be sad. My cat Garfield, when I am sad he cheers me up!


I am thankful for my mom because she works hard and gives me food and water.


I am thankful for food because you could die and plants because it gives food and lights because you can see and school because you can learn and money because you can buy stuff and games because it is something to do and clothes because we can’t go anywhere.


Thalkful for my teacher. Thankful for my mom. I am thankful for love, thankful for helge win.


3rd grade

First, I am thankful for peace at night. Next, I’m thankful for the freedom we have in the United States.


I am grateful that I got to comet to this school. I’m thankful that everyone in my class is nice and I love my principal.


I am thankful for my classmates. I’ve got so many friends, all thanks to this school. I love PBES.


I am thankful for having friends and a family. Also, I’m thankful to be at my school.


I’m thankful for all the people in this school. I’m thankful for God.


I’m thankful for havin a warm house and a nice family.


I’m thankful for God who gave me my family. I’m thankful for friends and BFFs.


I’m thankful that I can help my Nana do the dishes.


I’m thankful for my family and friends.


I’m thankful for my family.


I’m thankful for our school. I’m thankful for people teaching us at school, our teachers and parents. Thank you, Mr. Schafer and Ms. Juanita!


I am thankful for my family.


I am thankful for my mom because she takes care of me.


I am thankful for my mom and my brother and my dad. I’m also thankful for God because He is the best.


4th Grade

To prepare my great Thanksgiving feast, I need to buy a turkey and the other ingredients. I will invite my grandma, grandpa, mom and dad, and other family members.

The turkey needs to go in the oven, the potatoes need to be peeled, and the green beans need to be cooked. Turkey needs to be in the oven for about 2 to 3 hours at 350 degrees. You put the potatoes in a pot to soften them, and then you mash them. The wheat rolls will be heated in the oven and served with butter.

I will line all the food on the table and the people will walk around the table to get their dinner. Then we sit at the dining room table at the farm. We put big candles in the middle of the table and other fall decorations. Before we eat, our family sings the Doxology.

My favorite part of the meal is the turkey. My grandma makes homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. I look forward to Thanksgiving Day.


1. I get things I will need. 2. I make sure I know how to cook it correctly. 3. I watch instructions on how to cook the food if I don’t know how. 4. I get adult help. 5. Bring food to my uncle’s house 6. Decorate his house 7. Wait until everyone arrives 8. The guests help decorate 9. Say what we are thankful for 10. Open presents 11. Eat

Serenity B.

First, you invite your friends and family. Then you need to cook your turkey in the oven. Now you get some rolls and some butter, and then you bake the rolls. Now put some butter on them. Next, you get some dessert like pie, Jell-O, cake, or ice cream. So now you get bacon and green beans, then wrap the bacon around the green beans, and then put it in the oven.

Now you watch the Thanksgiving parade with your family.


You first invite friends and family, and then you make the turkey. Then you skin the turkey. You can’t go wrong with some mashed potatoes and some cheese dip.

Then find a place to have Thanksgiving dinner. Then you set up some tables and kids activities and have a lot of fun.

For dessert: ice cream, brownies, and s’mores, too. Play lots of very fun games and have the best Thanksgiving ever!


I would start with cooking my turkey for two to three hours, check, and then if it’s done I taste it. If it wasn’t done, then I would do thirty more minutes.

Then I would make cornbread. I’d mix corn with bread.

After that I would make brownies for dessert. I would also make some stuffing to stuff the turkey. I would also cook some ham with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Then after all of that I would call my nana, papa, aunt and uncle, and last but not least my Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Cal. When we all are done, some watch the football game, some clean the table, and some play outside. Then we all leave.

Benton E.

1. I go to the store and buy everything I will need.

2. I start with cooking the turkey at 150 degrees.

3. Then while the turkey is cooking, I will start the mashed potatoes and the gravy.

4. Next I will take the turkey from earlier out of the oven.

5. You also make the sides you will want with your Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Now you need to carve the turkey because it has cooled a little bit.

7. Then the last step is to decorate the table with colorful tablecloths, paper plates, and candles.


Put butter on the turkey, then put the seasoning on. Get the smoker to 150 degrees and then put the turkey in, but slow smoke it.

Now it is time for sides. For your sides: rolls and butter, corn on the cob, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas.

Then it is time to check on the turkey. To see if it is crisp, take it out. If it is not crispy leave it in the smoker.

Now it is time for dessert cake, cherry pie, rhubarb pie, cheesecake, and ice cream.

Now take the turkey out of the smoker. Now it is time to feast.

I spend time with my family and I get to see my Uncle Loren. But the most important part Thanksgiving Day is spending time with my family with laughter and joy.


1. You need to put a turkey in the oven at 150 degrees. 2. You need to put the ham in the oven, and peel the potatoes and mash them. 3. Get the flour and make the pie crust. 4. Get the fruit ready. Don’t forget the whipped cream. 5. While all that is cooking, you could decorate. 6. Get all the food out of the oven and put it on the table. 7. Before you put the turkey on the table, you need to shred.


Slow roast the turkey for seven hours. While that is slow roasting, make your cornflake casserole.

When you are done with your casserole, put it in the fridge and go get a ham. Get mountain dew and brown sugar for the ham. When you get home, cook the ham. Soak it in mountain dew and sprinkle the brown sugar.

Then set the table and get the food on the table, and you have a Thanksgiving dinner.


Buy a turkey and make cheese ball dip. I get cheese.

We also make marshmallow Jell-O and hot rolls. We also have ham, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers.

We play games and invite family and friends over to our house. We get our place mats out that have leaves and chickens on them.

We put our turkey in the oven on 500 degrees for 1 minute.

Someone will have wine and we put chocolate chip cookies in to bake.


Put butter on hands, then rub on turkey and add some seasoning. Then put in the smoker at slow smoke set to 150 degrees F.

Cook some ham, corn on the cob, some cupcakes, chocolate cake, and some egg rolls.

We will eat at the dinner table to celebrate turkey and play games.


My sister, our mom, and I go to our Gramma and Grampa’s house.

My sis and my mom help granny cook the side dishes like mash potatoes with gravy, green beans with bacon wrapped around it, grits, and cornbread.

While they do that, Grampa and I cook the turkey. Grandpa puts the coals and lighter fluid and I light it.


First you need to cook the turkey. Then you can have tater tot casserole if you want. Also, you can have green bean casserole if you want.

You can have mashed potatoes and gravy with ham. You can have cranberry Jell-O and cranberry sauce. Don’t forget to invite family and friends. Sometimes you have deer meat.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


You can hunt a turkey or you can buy turkey and tater tot casserole. My grandma and grandpa will come and maybe my cousins, my aunt and uncle, and older brother.

I will cook the turkey, green beans, and the tater tot casserole in the oven. We will all sit down at the table or on the couch if there’s not enough room.

It will be fun because we can play catch and video games. We eat pumpkin pie. We bounce on the trampoline. We play don’t touch the ball and dodgeball.


To prepare a Thanksgiving dinner, we go to the grocery store to buy turkey, fruit, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn. We will not have peas!

When we get to grandma’s house, we cook everything. Then we put all the food on the table and wait for family to come. We have to set up extra tables because I have a big family.

We all eat and then hang out. We play games, especially hide and seek outside.

Maddix Wilson

My family will buy ham or turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread, pumpkin pie and pudding, hot rolls, and anything we need for cooking on Thanksgiving Day. We will also fix up other side dishes.

We then set up the big table and wait for company. To help us set the table, we put plates and the cloth on the table and pass out the napkins.


5th grade

First you go to the store. Then buy the turkey. Then go home and make the turkey for one day on slow cook. Then go to the store. Buy potatoes. Go home. Cook the potatoes, then smash. And then boom, voila, done.

Get the summer sausage. Get the cheese. Get the crackers. Put it all in a bowl. Go to the store. Buy broccoli. Bring it home and put it on a platter. And boom, voila.


I am going to make stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner. First, I will chop celery in a bowl. Secondly, I am going to make bread crumbs and put them in a bowl. Then crack three eggs in the bowl. Lastly, put the mixture in a pan and bake on 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

Now I’m going to fix smoked ham. First, I am going to put rub on it and rub it in. Second, put on a pan and put in a smoker. Third, take it out to cool.

Now I’m going to fix mashed potatoes. First, peel potatoes. Second, cut into cubes. Third, put in a saucepan with a stick of butter and milk. Fourth, smash potatoes in a pan.

Lastly, I’m going to fix pecan pie. First, buy crust. Second, chop pecans and make filling. Third, bake for 10 minutes. Last, let cool.

James Emerick

I like to make corn for Thanksgiving dinner. First, you pick corn from the farm, then you have to put it in a pot, put hot water in the pot, turn on the stove, let it boil for about an hour, then put salt and butter on it and it will be ready to eat!!!

This is how you make a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. First, you buy it or hunt it. Next, skin it, or if you buy it, you let it thaw! Now you’re probably thinking, EWW!! But it’s not that bad. But back to the story. Set the pot on the stove and fill it up with water, put the turkey in the water, turn the stove on, set the pot on the stove for a couple of hours, THEN IT’S READY TO EAT!!!

So this might sound weird but I make mashed potatoes and corn. So you’re probably thinking, GROSS or DISGUSTING!!! But it’s not that bad, just try, it’s DELICIOUS! So first you have to get mashed potato mix because I don’t know how to make it. Buy or farm the corn, get a pot and put water in it, put the corn in the pot. Get a BIG pan and put the mashed potatoes in the pan, turn on the stove, put the pan on it, wait about one hour for both, THEN IT’S DONE!!!

Next, in my family we make rolls. I didn’t like them but I still helped make them. So first you have to make the dough and shape it, WOW!!! Next, you put it on a flat pan, put it in the oven for about 30 minutes, pull it out, then IT’S READY TO EAT!!!

You’re going to be thanking me later.

Mariem Drow

Hi I’m Lucas and it’s November, it’s the best month yet. The reason why, Thanksgiving!!!

I’m going to fix a squash, wrapped, smoked and seasoned turkey. Step one throw it in the oven at 350 degrees and leave it in for two hours and boom done enjoy.

I’m going to need a side dish. We are going to make squash chips. Step one slice into thin pieces and cook at 250degrees. Then take out and put salt on it and it is delicious!

Stuffing: Go to the store and buy it, sorry, I don’t’ know how to cook it.

Green beans, get a can of green beans and cook with seasoned potatoes that you will need later. Put your medium and cook until steam. Another side dish you know of, potatoes I talked about, put them in the blender.

Pumpkin pie: Go to the store and buy canned pumpkin and make your own dough, and there’s your Thanksgiving dinner. The end.

Lucas LaFever

I’m going to make a turkey.

Preheat the oven to 350. Batter the turkey in brown sugar. Next stick it in the oven for seven hours. Then when your turkey is done, pull it out and pour pineapple juice on it. Now you have a turkey.

Now I’m going to tell you how to fix the ham and preheat the oven to 375. Put it in for two hours and thirty minutes. Pour Mountain Dew on it and batter brown sugar for one hour and fifteen minutes. Then when it’s done, pull it out and pour more Mountain Dew on it, and then you have a ham. Voila!

Next, I’m going to make pumpkin pie. First, open a can of pumpkin pie filling. Pour it in the pie crust. Next, put whipped cream on it. Walla bang walla boom, now you have a pumpkin pie!

This is how you fix a chocolate pie. First put your cream cheese in your pie crust. Next, put chocolate syrup on it. Then add whipped cream on top. Lastly add a chocolate covered strawberry on every slice. Bon appetite, you now have the best chocolate pie.

Zailea Naylor

I am going to fix a very good glazed ham. I will first wrap my ham in the glaze and we are going to learn how to make the glaze. You will need pineapple, water, and powdered sugar: mix, then add it to ham. So, I can’t really make ham, so I’ll just buy one! I’ll add the glaze.

Now for the friend beans and mashed potatoes! First you will need your beans then you add your beans in a blender. CAUTION, have a lid or you may explode. I mean the beans, not you. Now you will take them out and BOOM, you have your beans.

Now for your mashed potatoes. First, get your potatoes and skin them. Then, put them in a bowl and mash them with a mixing spoon or a blender. It may work but you know what happened last time I said to use the blender, it got bad. But then cook them and you have the best mashed potatoes. Now add seasoning, you can choose. I like pepper and salt more than butter.


This is how I would make a Thanksgiving dinner. First, for the mashed potatoes, you grab POTATOES and then you peel the skin off. Now you need to cut them, BOIL them, and then BLEND them.

The next thing on my list for dinner is TURKEY. Ohhhh I love turkey! First you hunt him, then take the feathers off and let the blood drain out. Now you can put him in the turkey fryer. I can’t wait.

Sooooooooooo, um, now for the corn. Turn on the stove and put corn in the pot and boil for two minutes. You will need to add butter and salt. 0_0 -_- 0_0

I lovvvvvvve pumpkin pie but I have no idea how to make it, so buy it. When you get it home, you can put whipped topping on it and then eat it.

The Thanksgiving meal at my house is yummy, and we have lots to eat. I can’t wait to eat all of it.

Tavin Tindal

For Thanksgiving I Will Make Elk.

First, my mom makes elk. Next, we cut holes in the elk for eggs. Then we put the elk and the eggs in the smoker for the night starting at 8:30. Mmm…good.

My dad loves mac and cheese. First, I make the cheese. Then the noodles. Last we add the cheese and noodles and put them in the smoker for one day. He loves mac and cheese.

So now we will make the pie. First, I don’t’ know how to make pie. Next, we are going to the store for something. Last, we will buy the pie. This is going to be a good pie.

Kash Wilson

Help me make my Thanksgiving dinner.

I will make turkey for Thanksgiving. First, I will let the turkey thaw out. Next, I will mix a bunch of ingredients together like butter and some seasonings. Then I will pu the turkey in the oven and glaze it every once in a while.

Now let’s make mashed potatoes. First, peel the potatoes. Then, cut the potatoes. Next, boil some water. Then put the potatoes in the water. Next, drain the water. Then mash the potatoes. Next add some ingredients like milk, sour cream, and butter. Then add some of your favorite seasonings.

Let’s make some rolls. First, go get some rolls from the rolls from the store or make some dough. Next, let the rolls thaw out. Then put them in the oven to rise up. Next, put butter on them every once in a while.

I will make green bean casserole to go with my dinner. First, put tater tots in a pan. Then add green beans. Finally, put fried onions on top.


Ellie Winsor

How to make a Thanksgiving dinner? Grab the stuff you will make. Put in the turkey or ham and then turn on the stove to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and wait for about two hours. When it is almost done, start your side dishes. Then your turkey or ham is done.

Grab a ton of potatoes. Start peeling them. Once peeled, start mashing and heating the potatoes. When warm, put in a bowl and put it on the table.

Grab your stuffing that you have bought at your local Walmart. Boil stuffing in water for about five minutes. Let it cool and put it on the table.

Open a can or two of green beans. Put the green beans in a bowl. Open the microwave and pop in the green beans. Heat for about 50 seconds.

To make my family specialty, soy sauce, you need soybeans, ramen flavor packet, and a pinch of salt. First, take the soybeans and juice them. Second, put juice from soybeans and all other ingredients in the blender. Enjoy the soy sauce. Caution, it is delicious.

Now you can make your Thanksgiving dinner.

Leroy Zielinski

How to make turkey! First you have to go get the turkey. Then, you put it in the oven for three hours or four hours. Lastly, you take it out and put seasoning on it to make it yummy.

Now how to make deviled eggs! First, boil the eggs. Then, take them out and also take them and MASH them. So you mashed them last. You do put relish, mayo, I don’t know what other things that my Nanny puts in it.

How to cook ham? First you go to the store to get the ham. Now you get the oven on, you put it in for three hours, and then take it out so you can put on seasoning.

And that’s how to make a Thanksgiving dinner.

MaKyla Mann

4th grade

What am I thankful for?

I’ll list some but there are so many more!

Well first would be my family I guess

Without them, it would be a mess!

I love trees and nature too

I love playing in them, you could play, me and you!

Of course I couldn’t forget

My little dog, he’s my favorite pet!

Then I have my friends

I love playing with them!

Then my school and teacher also

Without her, I’d be going really slow.

Last but not least is my house

I love it just like cheese and a mouse

Summer Dalke

I’m thankful for, my dogs, my family, my house, my friends, life, clothes, shoes, bed, school, food, dentist, eye doctor

Kelsey Shaw

I am thankful for, Addy (sister), Lincoln (brother), Joeelinn (sister), Witten (brother), Ripley (brother), Miss Loewen (teacher), Miss Jen (teacher), my stepmom, my stepdad, my mom, my dad, school, Dale’s, Dollar General, Mr. Yoder (principal), the army, hospitals, vet clinics, my home, my GG and Papa, my Grandma and Papa, my gaga and popup, my nana and cowpa, Summer (class), Brianna (class), Joshua (class), Ethen (class), Fernanda (class), Jason (class),Canze (class), Blake (class), Case (class), Jordan (class), Beckett (class), Collens (class), Graham (class), Lakin (class), Ansley (class), Jack (class), Thatcher (class), Aaina (class), Kaylee (class), Xander (class), my aunt, my uncle, food, my cousins, water, doctors, first responders, books, Reda (dog), Cass (dog), Sky (dog), God, Mufassa (cat), Mr. (cat), Wally (cat), cows, Mya (lizard), goats, Mrs. Mecurter (teacher), church, park, library, classroom, playground, my farm, Heaven, Bible, my birth, my mom’s wedding, my dad’s wedding, Christmas, Easter, my baptism, Gravel Lake, red ribbon week, when my siblings were born, cars, refrigerators, clothes, shoes, earrings, toaster, lights, oven, telephone, horses, snakes, bugs, lizards, goats, the kittens, Halloween, my bday, birds, zoos, pandas, butterflies, seals, dogs, squirrels.

Alaina Winter

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