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Kids sell fireworks to pay for battlefield tour

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Fireworks sold this year will help Marion High School students see where some real firepower was unleashed during World War II.

Students and parents were selling fireworks Monday through Thursday outside Carlsons’ Grocery to help pay for a 2015 World War II tour.

The “Tour of the Western Front” will visit London, France, Germany, and Austria over 11 days.

Freshmen through seniors have signed up for the trip, some students will be done with high school by the time the group actually goes.

“I’ve always been interested in history, and I’ve always wanted to see where they fought those famous battles,” junior Braden Fahey said.

Each student has to raise nearly $4,000 to go on the tour. So far, students have raised money at a bake sale, the Art in the Park craft show in Marion, and by selling Super Saver cards.

Ginny Lind, mother of one of the students, said the fireworks company, Jake’s Fireworks, asked students and parents to stay with the fireworks day and night.

“Basically just to make sure the product in the tent is secure,” she said. “It’s not that we don’t trust anybody in Marion. It’s just basically what the company requires so the product sells.”

Lind said the goal was to net somewhere around $3,000 selling the fireworks.

“The city has passed a new ordinance that is limiting our sales this year, so we’re hoping people will come out and do some shopping,” she said.

Marion Police Chief Tyler Mermis said that in recent years, fireworks have created enough concern that the city has restricted days and hours acceptable for shooting them.

“When some people called in to complain about the fireworks going on too much, (Mayor) Mary Olson went to the county attorney to try and figure out a resolution to kind of make people a little more happy about the fireworks situation,” Mermis said. “Most of the problem was people shooting after midnight, or shooting before the hours, or shooting fireworks that they’re not supposed to have.”

The ordinance, allowing for the sale, discharge and possession of fireworks, says fire

Last modified July 4, 2013