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Kindergartners slime principal with pumpkin guts

Staff writer

With principal Justin Wasmuth kneeled in an orange kiddie pool, kindergartners at Marion Elementary School lined up to dump pumpkin guts on his head.

Students took turns showering their principal with cupfuls of orange Nickelodeon slime mixed with pumpkin guts as part of a fundraiser Thursday.

“Anybody want a hug?” Wasmuth asked with arms open wide as he stood up, covered in pumpkin guts and slime.

“NO!” kindergartners shouted in unison.

Sliming the principal was the latest in a series of fundraisers for the parent advisory council. The group holds dollar day events where students bring a dollar and every student participates in a fun activity.

“It’s a fun thing that kids get really excited about,” Wasmuth said.

Last modified Nov. 2, 2017