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Lake bait shop to open soon

Staff writer

Lake supervisor Isaac Hett has been working steadily to reopen a bait shop at Marion County Lake by Memorial Day weekend.

“By that weekend I can be up and running,” he said.

He already has made a ton of progress in a short time. The shop has a new payment system that will keep track of inventory and accept credit cards.

Shelves and displays are now stocked with convenience grocery items and tackle.

All the grocery items on the shelves were purchased from Carlsons’ Grocery and Hett plans to approach Dale’s Supermarket in Hillsboro and others.

“If anyone has things they think would sell out here I am open to suggestions,” he said.

The majority of the tackle in the shop had to be purchased online, but local vendors of fishing tackle are being approached.

“If I do get enough Marion County residents that do want to sell homemade tackle I can devote an entire section to Marion county goods.”

The goal is to get as much inventory at the bait shop from local people as possible, he said.

As soon as state approval comes through, the shop will begin selling live bait.

“We will be approved,” he said. “It’s just when they can get to it.”

Hett has been cleaning and stocking shelves to get the shop running.

“With this just getting started, I am sure there will be things that don’t sell very well. And there will be some things that people think we should stock,” he said.

Hett satisfied with the progress being made so far and has been pleasantly surprised with the number of campers already enjoying the lake this early in spring.

“The fishings really been good,” he said. “The croppie are spawning, large-mouth bass and wiper have also been good. It’s starting to get a little more consistent.”

The blue green algae that popped up in the lake’s water has since subsided and he expects advisories will be lifted after new tests are conducted.

He still has some kinks to work out with the new payment system, but Hett is happy — so far.

“The only thing I can say is I hope that people will see this as a benefit and be happy with the fact we are trying to get this back on track and open,” he said.

Last modified May 20, 2021