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Lake resident opposes short-term rentals

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A lake resident who admits her property would not be affected urged county commissioners Tuesday to reject short-term rentals at the county lake.

Marty Sampson spoke about a planning commission recommendation that a conditional use permit be granted to Matt Meyerhoff to use a house at 58 Lakeshore Dr. as a short-term rental property.

The house is owned by Meyerhoff’s sister and borders property owned by Linda Judd at 57 Lakeshore Dr.

Judd expressed concerns during an Aug. 25 planning meeting. She wanted a privacy fence so guests at 58 Lakeshore Dr. would not be able to see into her bedroom window and said she was concerned about a large rock on the property line that could be a hazard to children who stay at the house.

Sampson told commissioners that Judd wasn’t the only one with concerns.

One thing that appeals to people who live at the lake is that it is a neighborhood of homeowners, Sampson said.

She said a large group of neighbors had discussed Judd’s concerns.

“She’s scared for her safety,” she said. “Now her harmony and peace are being jeopardized.”

Sampson said neighbors had heard that as many as 10 property owners might want to apply to use their lake homes as short-term rentals.

After Meyerhoff’s application was discussed with the planning and zoning commission, another homeowner applied.

Planners voted Aug. 25 to recommend approval for a second property, owned by Judy Dyer, at 6 Jerome St.

Lake residents do not have a homeowners association that could prevent such uses.

Commissioners thanked Sampson for expressing her concerns.

“I believe it comes to the board for an official action next week,” county clerk Tina Spencer said.

140th Rd.

In other matters Tuesday, Jerry Mendoza messaged commissioners during Tuesday’s meeting to ask about the status of construction on three miles of 140th Rd., commonly called Aulne Rd.

“There has been no work done on the road since the week of the 8th of August, but the road-closed signs are still up all throughout the three-mile stretch of road,” Mendoza said. “The road has gotten worse to the point that there are several areas that are becoming wash-boarded due to the constant heavy traffic despite the construction signs.”

County engineer Brice Goebel said workers were hauling rock onto the road and putting down a gravel roadbed Tuesday.

Last modified Sept. 8, 2022