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Leaders attend PRIDE

Marion County Director of Economic Development, Teresa Huffman, extended an invitation to Marion PRIDE members to attend the Kansas Main Street programs Quarterly Training Conference held Jan. 12 in El Dorado.

The conference was conducted by a speaker from the United States Main Street Program, which is sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Three PRIDE volunteers, Pam Bowers, Jeanic Thomas, and Margaret Wilson, were able to attend the all-day session and came away excited and challenged.

Peabody is the only Marion County city currently accepted into the Kansas Main Street Program, but many principles of the Main Street Program can be utilized in Marion. For instance the application of small projects and activities to access the understanding of the revitalization process.

By studying Marion’s plans from the past, PRIDE hopes to be able to plan more effectively for the future. Even in these difficult economic times PRIDE has found many in the private sector willing to contribute to the Central Park improvements.

PRIDE meetings are at noon on the third Monday of the month at Marion City Library.

Last modified Feb. 1, 2012