• Last modified 419 days ago (June 27, 2018)


Leaking water tower scheduled for repair

A rusted valve that has caused a rusty stain on the side of the city’s smaller water tower will be repaired in coming weeks.

Looking at the water tower from the north, it appears rusty water is leaking down the side.

A rusted valve is allowing water to leak in three places, city administrator Roger Holter said.

Direction of the wind affects where the water flows from the leaks, but it mainly has created discoloration around and beneath the M in the “Marion” lettering on the west side of the tower.

The tower is due for an annual inspection and maintenance by contractor Liquid Engineering.

“Each year they send divers to inspect the inside of our water towers,” Holter said. “They are scheduled. Normally they come toward the end of June, first part of July. We’re going to have them climb that tower and inspect that one.”

Rainwater and sunlight will eventually cause the rusty spot to dissipate from the side of the tower, Holter said.

Last modified June 27, 2018