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Leftover stone now a sign

A few pieces of leftover limestone from the Central Park stage and bathroom project became the makings of a soon-to-be-installed city office sign.

Once simply rock headed for a landfill, the sign has been leaning up against the city building for a week.

It was created by Chris Meierhoff of Marion Marble and Granite for $700.

When Parks and Recreation employees asked Meierhoff in January whether the stone could be made into a sign, Meierhoff said it was sturdy and large enough.

Before it can be installed, a concrete slab must be poured. After the sign is placed, other leftover limestone pieces will be placed around the base, city administrator Holter said.

Holter said the sign would be placed in front of a flagpole at a 45-degree angle so it would be visible from Santa Fe St., 3rd St., and the intersection of Main and 3rd Sts.

Last modified June 22, 2016