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A Socialist pandemic

To the editor:

With all the misinformation and fear being propagated during the “worst pandemic since the Dark Ages” (according to a previous letter to the editor) I would like to promote the idea that the worst pandemic to hit in the 20th century and being promoted in the 21st is socialism/communism.

Following are a few examples:

1929 to ’45 — Soviet Union: 20 million killed; 1933 to ’45 — Nazi Germany and occupied Europe: 20 million political opponents, Jews, Gypsies, critics and “examples” killed; 1927 to ’49 — Nationalist China: 10 million political opponents and army conscripts killed; 1949 to ’52, ’57 to ’60, and ’66 to ’76 — Communist China: 20 to 35 million political opponents, rural populations, and enemies of the state killed; 1975 to ’79 — Khmer Rouge in Cambodia: 2 million educated persons and political enemies killed.

There is another epidemic which is closer to home. We would surely be galvanized into action if we were aware that we had an epidemic with a 20% mortality rate. This is the death rate for every child conceived in America where 20% will be aborted. During this pandemic we have been so worried about for months, 2,000 children have been lost every day to abortion. Why aren’t we concerned about those people?

If we truly care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we will ensure that the scourges of socialism and abortion are put away, and that the Church of our Lord Jesus may lead the way by standing for the truth.

Daryl Enos
rural Marion

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