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To the editor:

I enjoyed the article about the barn on Charlie Unruh’s farm.

I grew up there. It was homesteaded by my grandparents in the late 1800s. They built the original house and barn.

When I was a child, I went swimming in that concrete tank. My parents didn’t like it, but it was the best thing for a pool. My friends and I played basketball in the haymow.

My father, John J. Funk, added the dairy barn, and he and I operated a dairy.

When the reservoir came in and took the land, I moved the dairy to a farm two-and-a-half miles south of Hillsboro. My father sold his farm to Charlie two years later.

I am 86. I sold my dairy cows 20 years ago and still have some beef cows.

Lloyd Funk, Hillsboro

Last modified May 19, 2021