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COVID child care

To the editor:

I never thought a phone interview on COVID and child care would be written in such a manner that I feel that I need to defend my business of 29 years.

The article was left wide open for people to think the worst. When I spoke to reporter Madeline Reida, she said, “Oh, I am sorry, I thought it was cute.” “I did not mean for it to sound that way.”

That does not change what was written and how people take it. Three big things stick out that are totally wrong and very misleading. I will put them in the order they were originally wrote.

1. The Marion County Record stated I was keeping Rex, my dog, from playing too rough with the toddlers. What really happened: Rex came in from outside (he opens doors), an a school child was eating her snack, and Rex was heading into the dining area. I said, “No, Rex — come on.”

Rex is very gentle, so is Reba. Kids have stood on Rex to reach things, and no, I do not let kids do that. When the dogs have had enough, they go in the other room. I have never had to get after them for being rough. I would never have a mean animal!

2. The paper stated that I said I do not have much time for myself.

I never said that. Yes, most business owners — myself included — put more time in than just the hours open. I don’t like it when you put words in my mouth.

3. The paper stated that my day care was shut down.

This article has left me not happy with the Marion County Record. This can affect my business, my liability insurance, and my life. Come on. You can do better. Negativity breeds. I will most likely never do an interview for the Marion County Record again.

Melinda Schroeder, Marion

Editor’s note — The article did not state that she had closed her day care but accurately reported that a center with a very similar name had closed. It also never stated that her dog was playing too rough but rather that she took care to make sure it didn’t.

Last modified Oct. 28, 2021